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Italy, Love It Or Leave It: Live Interview With Filmmakers Luca And Gustav

written by M.E. Evans April 26, 2014

So, one of the best things in the world about this blog is that I get to meet incredible, inspiring people. This morning I was fortunate enough to interview two guys who are trying to give hope to the younger generation of Italians by telling them through their films that things can change and that people care about Italy and are fighting to improve it. These guys are using art to hopefully educate and bring change.

Italy, is a real country, with real problems that has resulted in a mass emigration of Italians to other countries in search of a future and a better life. This documentary asks the question, “Should we stay in our country and fight for it, or leave it?” It’s insightful and something that anyone who has an interest in Italy, whether it be their roots, their love for beautiful vacations, or the food, would enjoy. Check it out!

A Real Look At Italy

A Real Look At Italy

In this video I did a LIVE interview (I’m so bad at this stuff, I know, I know) with the film duo, Luca Ragazzi and Gustav Hofer, who brought us the wonderful documentary, Italy, Love It Or Leave It?, a film about young Italians emigrating from Italy and the many problems that Italians are trying to overcome in their country. SPOILER ALERT! If you HAVE NOT seen the film, skip from 38:20 to 42:09!  Click Here To Watch The Interview

Watch Their Movie Trailer Here: http://youtu.be/NnyFhSi5tPc

You Can Buy Or Rent Their Film Here.

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