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Ahoy! Welcome to the Community Page!

Meet other expats, travelers, and locals by joining our community of adventure-loving, expat living, weirdos. It’s a safe place to make new friends, get answers to your important questions, and meet people to hang out with while abroad.

How to Join

It’s easy to join the club. Just send me a message with “community,” in the subject line. Include your email address and two links to two different social media profiles. Why? So I can stalk you online! But really it’s so I can verify that you are who you say you are to some degree. Once I’ve verified your accounts, I’ll add you to the group and you can chat your faces off with all your new friends on slack.


The community is a safe place. Therefore, harassment or bullying of any kind will not be tolerated and I’ll kick your ass out faster than you can say, “I’m an asshole.” Please come to the group with an open-mind and speak freely but respectfully. If you disagree with an idea or opinion, feel free to say it, just don’t be a dick about it. Be you, be honest, but remember that honesty without tact is cruelty and it makes you a douche-bucket and that look isn’t becoming on anyone.  No sexual harassment, no bullying, nothing.

Safety First

Remember, people can lie on the internet and there are plenty of nutjobs in the world. Always use your best judgment and the buddy system when/if meeting people IRL. Be careful about giving away private information such as your address, etc.

I’m Not Responsible

If someone ends up being a psycho or a bore, I’m not responsible. Know that I don’t personally know everyone here and just because I scan everyone’s social profiles doesn’t mean that everyone here has my stamp of approval. By joining the group or meeting humans or talking to humans in the group, you’re accepting whatever awesome or weird consequences that could come from the encounter. So, if you meet some swarthy Italian here and marry them and he ends up being a jerk in ten years, I’m sorry, BUT I DIDN’T KNOW!




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