Total Tuscany Interviews M.E.: How Many Inappropriate Things Can I Say In One Podcast?

The awesome guys from Total Tuscany asked me to do a podcast and I gladly accepted because I love their stuff and really enjoy embarrassing myself publicly after having a cocktail (or ten) for lunch. I’m pretty sure that I’ll win an award for saying so many captivating things during one interview. You can find the podcast with M.E. on their website Total Tuscany. We cover a lot of ground during this podcast like my favorite things about Italy, what drives me insane, and threatening public masturbation. Let’s make this a drinking game. Take a sip (or a shot) of something every time I swear, say “camel-toe, unicorn, Capybara, or baptism,” or anytime Travis or Pat are audibly regretting their decision to interview me. In all honesty, it was so much fun, I love these guys and their awesome website. They do great podcasts that are fun and informative with expats I absolutely love. If you enjoy the podcast go ahead and share it with your friends (or use it as an opportunity to talk with your kids about the dangerous of drinking).

As with everything on my site, this isn’t kid-friendly so put on some headphones before you give a listen if you have little ones around. And also? Be happy that you’re not me, or not married to me (Francesco will be sainted, I’m pretty sure).


11 thoughts on “Total Tuscany Interviews M.E.: How Many Inappropriate Things Can I Say In One Podcast?

  1. Okay I know I’ve posted on your blog a few times (I swear I’m not obsessed (I think)), but you’ve really helped me a lot during my first week in Florence this past week, you have an awesome sense of humor and even better writing skills, and also you should go to Japan someday because they are obsessed with Capybaras, they even have one in the aquarium in Osaka. Yes, in the aquarium, but no he’s not underwater, but he is there I swear I saw him. Plus lots of Capybara memorabilia including a butterknife that I own. Grazie, bella.

  2. I don’t think we ever regretted asking one question! I think we regret not asking more follow ups! Write the movie script along with the book, you might as well with the Oscar for best original screenplay and not some Hollywood hack for adapted screen play!

    • Awe, thank you! I don’t know what I sound like. My husband said that my podcast had my “excited voice,” which is apparently a bit higher than my normal voice? As long as it didn’t annoy the shit out of you I’m happy. 🙂

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