First Time On Surviving In Italy?

Your First Time Here? STOP. This is not a traditional travel blog. If you’re offended easily or struggle with sarcasm or irony you should skip my website and watch this instead. Also, I swear ALL THE TIME and ramble on about the capybara. You still there? Winning! I’ve Put Together Some Of My Most Popular Posts For You To Start With:


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30 thoughts on “First Time On Surviving In Italy?

  1. Hey there! I found you through My Sardinian Life. I can’t wait to read your posts…I like your style 😉 I lived in Sardinia for 4 years (and then brought my Italian husband back home with me in Canada) so I’m sure I’ll be able to relate!!

  2. that’s why when i lived in italy didnt want to get together with an italian guy.. Back in my country (mexico) with one of them would have been hard. Still good luck ! xoxo

  3. I didn’t know where to post my comment 🙂 😀 -> because this blog really has to be on Stumbleupon

    I absolutely love survivinginitaly! You make me laugh like crazy 🙂
    Don’t ever stop, please 🙂
    Hugs from Serbia :*

  4. I recently stumbled across your blog via Rick Zullo and I’ve been reading ever since! I’m from Chicago, have been living in Rome for some time, dating an Italian guy…so can identify with many of your posts 100%. Just wanted to say that I love your sassiness and realness and wanted to thank you for all the laughs. You’re an inspiration. Keep it up girl! You rock.

  5. I am so glad that you have no problem with using parolacce! I am forced to asterisk or modify my text in the event that younger family members stumble across my blog, so shit becomes sh*t within a sentence that I try to keep as short and blunt as possible. I’m still at a loss as to how I will post the vagina cookies that I saw on Bourdain’s Finland episode or the Irish Blackberry Cock dessert seen on another blog.

  6. I absolutely love your blog. It’s helpful as I am moving to Italy at the end of December. Plus, you are hysterical! My friend is helping me move and spending New Years Eve with me there. Do you have any suggestions on where to dine or where to go out that night?

    Thanks xo

    • Caroline! I Just saw your comment somehow. So sorry! I never have any idea what to do on New Years in Florence. The city is insane. We usually just had dinner out, a drink, and maybe a friend’s house for more drinks. How are you doing? Settling in?

  7. Hi. Im a girl who is in a relationship with Italian guy. My boyfriend is from naples and we met in the USA. He went back to Italy last month. We’re having a long distance relationship. It’s my first time to meet Italian guy, so sometimes I can’t understand him that well. I don’t think it’s only the problem he’s italian tho. I want to ask sth about it 🙂

    I heard most of italian guy don’t delete their ex-girfriend’s photo on his facebook or sth like that. Is this true?

    My boyfriend doesn’t want to upload our relationship story on his facebook. He said I just don’t want to show my private things people on facebook. I never understand his thinkings. He already has a lot of his friend’s picture, even our photo without any caption on facebook. Most of his friends, and family already know we are having a relationship in real. I I think he doesn’t trust that this relationship is going well so he doesn’t let ppl know on public. Am I right?

    After he went back to Italy, we have time difference. It’s not that easy to contact each other than before. I want to chat with him a lot when he and I are awake. So when he text me, I try to answer right away at least when I am awake.
    But he doesn’t. He answers me like after 2 hours, when he’s doing sth(even when he’s on facebook.) He said you don’t need to worry about that. I was meeting my friends drinking and dancing in the disco. Do not wait until I answer you, doing sth what you have to do without any worrying about me. I got his point but sometimes I’m not sure he’s care of me or not. I thought if he’s really care of me, he try to answer me right away, text me a lot. How can I be cool about this?

    Thanks for reading. waiting your advice 🙂

    • Honey, I don’t want to disappoint you or hurt your feelings but honestly, it doesn’t sound like he’s taking things seriously. If he regularly uses FB, and shares his life and friends there, but he’s not posting anything about you it sounds like he’s hiding you. It doesn’t matter why he’s hiding you. You deserve better than that. Tell him that you don’t deserve to be treated that way. Usually, your instincts are right. If you don’t feel appreciated or cared about, he’s probably not treating you how you need to be treated. It doesn’t matter what he says. Words are easy. Always judge your partners by what they do, not what they say. I’d give him a chance by telling him that you feel like he’s hiding you. Tell him that if he’s not, then prove it. If he refuses, move on to someone who gives you what you deserve (which is to make you feel important in whatever way you need it).

    • As far as getting back to your texts right away, it’s possible he just sucks at responding to things. Honestly, i suck at it too. But, if it really bothers you he should try harder to be better about it. If he refuses, well, that’s ridiculous. He has his ex’s on FB? I think it depends on how you feel about it. I stayed friends with some of my ex’s abd so did my husband. The exception being people who didnt respect our relationship. So, i guess that’s more a personal thing. I don’t know if it’s Italian or not. I just think couples should respect each other and come to a compromise. I’d talk to him about it and tell him how it makes you feel and what would make you confortable. See what he says.

  8. Thank you a lot for the interesting and helpful articles! I am going to move to Italy next month and I definitely needed advices and tips like these. I am moving because of my job and I am extremely excited. Thank you for sharing!

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  10. Hey, great blog! I totally love reading from you and this post was very helpful for me when I was moving to Italy. I needed some guidelines to follow to organize my move to Florence and I was very happy finding your blog. I’m moving soon to Berlin, so a new packing day is coming for me. Greets!

  11. I just stumbled on this blog and it is gold. I was married 10 years to a Tuscan expat living in the large expat research community in the Washington, D.C. area. The insights you cite are so spot on and are simply hilarious. As una donna di colore , it’s been one adventure after another learning the language and adopting Italian culture. Can’t wait to read more of your blogs!

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