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A Bird Called Jacky By Patrik Lundell

I knew it was going to be an adventure, I knew it the first time I laid my eyes on her. We were both searching for something to do with our lives, searching for something more.We had only been together for 2 months when we sat down that evening last year and found the school she was looking for.

A school that was the start for something new, together.

She was accepted into the first school she applied to and as a gift I gave her a tattoo. She chose to tattoo the words “Follow your dreams wherever they take you.” The school was located here in Florence, Italy, the town we have come to love, the town that has been so generous to us.

Next month we have studied, painted and lived here for one year. One year that we will always have with us wherever our dreams takes us. The positivism that we have with us each day is a result of the mind-set that the “worst thing that can happen is that we will have a good time.” The state of mind is to enjoy the ride.

A Bird Called Jacky is my name for her. In my art I have portrayed her as a bird.

For a bird is what you are, flying always seemingly towards something new and beautiful.

Jacky is an Interior design student, but why stop there? Next month she will have had her 6th art exhibition here in Florence.Her motto is everything becomes what you make of it. On her blog: http://homesweethomebyj.com she gives us an insight of her way towards her dreams. One way to reach her goals is that she also inspire others whom share her passion.She is constantly working on new projects, studying for school and spending time both with me and her friends. Oh! And she does this constantly with a smile. And why not? When you are creating, building and making what you love how could you not smile?

“Today is yesterdays tomorrow,” as my mom says, there is plenty of time to rest, but not now, later.

A Bird Called Jacky, I owe so much to you. This adventure that is just at it´s beginning. How could we but not smile?


About Patrik:

Patrik Lundell is a swedish artist currently living in Florence, Italy. For more information on his exhibitions, or to inquiry about purchasing artwork, check out his website: http://patriklundell.com



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