Expat Essays

I decided to include this section, Expat Essays, because I like hearing about other people’s experiences abroad. Obviously, I document mine here regularly, but I wanted to provide my readers with some additional info, different voices, and an array of experiences and opinions. I hope you like what I’ve gathered for you. If you’d like to contribute an Expat Essay, please email me your Essay or idea via FB https://www.facebook.com/MElizabethEvans. I’ll get back with you as soon as I can. Please try to keep it short, honest, and in the personal essay form (first person, nonfiction). Under 1,400 words would be ideal but if you write something epic and it’s longer I’ll probably be cool with it (if you send me a bottle of wine I’ll definitely be cool with it. Bribery always works, friends). You’re wondering what qualifies you as an expat? Staying somewhere for longer than a month is good enough for me. Want inspiration? Talk about dating (or the lackthereof), talk about wanting Peanut Butter but not being able to find it, talk about the best or worst sex you’ve ever had, talk about cat.calling or communication problems, tell us about your international wedding or your favorite spot to relax. Talk about how being abroad changed you into a better or worse person. You can talk about whatever you want. Really.

2 thoughts on “Expat Essays

  1. Does being an Italian expat in the US count? I think I may be a mirror image of you… I married an American and moved to LA. I have 10 years of culture shock to report, actually double culture shock if I include every time I go back to Italy and clash against my own culture!

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