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Misogyny And This Asshole Giovanni From Italy Is Educating Women On Infidelity #yesallwomen

written by M.E. Evans May 30, 2014


Blogging is pretty badass. For the most part I get to meet really cool people and I’m lucky enough to have really awesome fans who have interesting stories to share, a great sense of humor, and you guys leave me funny comments that make me laugh. However, once in a while someone leaves a comment so shockingly  asshole-ish (or crazy in a scary way) that I have to put it here because I don’t think that anyone would believe the sheer fucked-upery. Take for instance, this crazy asshole who recently wrote a comment in response to a news article I wrote for  on Italian infidelity statistics. My first guess is that he didn’t even read it because the entire article was all stats and interview and not really any of my personal opinion (boring because I have a lot to personally say about it). This guy is crazy and crazy pissed. And guess what he’s mad at? He’s really mad at vaginas. This comment was left just a week or so before Elliot Rodger killed a bunch of people in CA after leaving a terrifying video on Youtube. Haven’t seen it? Watch it here (warning, it’s so creepy it will give you nightmares). I wasn’t going to post this guys comment because he really doesn’t deserve the attention but given the headlines right now I think that people should see just how rampant this kind of crazy really is. It’s even happening here guys, on Surviving. WTF!?


In response to: The Big Cheat

“ahahaha.. a femminazi talking about infidelity! so you wan’t to know the reason why we italian men cheats on our women?

Well, try to take a look at the whole scenarios from the tipical male perspective. Starting at age 11 or so we get uncontrollable, non-stop boners. We fantasize about fucking every woman around us. Its purely hormonal. Chicks on the other hand, don’t seem to have the same intense desire to get banged until much later in life (they hit their sexual peak in their 30s while us guys top out in our early 20s).

So here is the conflict: while most 20 something Italian dudes are on the prowl, 20 something italian chicks are living their last hurrah in terms of their looks. They know that soon they will be in their 30s and look worse (wrinkles, fatter, dull skin/eyes).

So they prance around in pretty dresses and make poor horny dudes insane with desire while playing hard to get. So guys have do what they have to do to get laid. And if that means they have to “bone up” on their game (pun intended) then so be it.

One the little ironies of life that I have truly enjoyed is that when women hit 30 they freak out if they haven’t married and had children (fairly common these days among the educated classes). They get fucking desperate. Meanwhile, their counter parts (guys in their 30’s) have been at the game long enough to have perfected their skills and built up their careers.

So then the rules of the game change completely. Desperate women, looks fading, ovaries shriveling will do almost anything to “land a good guy” to settle down with. At that point, the game of hitting new pussy becomes more like “shooting ducks in a barrel”.

A guy can get laid by meeting the bare minimum standards: have a decent career, seem like a nice guy, and perpetuate the myth that they are looking for a soul mate. After date three, sex is usually automatic. You fuck for weeks or months and then the chick wants to know “where this is heading”. That’s when you drop one of many easy bombs with delicious zest such as “I am just not ready to commit”, “I am not sure if we are truly compatible”, “I just don’t feel the connection”, “my financial house is not in order and that makes me question the whole commitment thing”, etc. Whuhahahaaaaaaah. F.uck you femminazi bitches!!!

That is pay back for all the cold lonely nights. Payback for the many failed attempts. Payback for the bitches who laughed in our faces, rolled their eyes at us, or just plain ignored us. Payback for all the free drinks you comped from us. Payback for all the times when we just wanted to do what was natural with your sexy young bodies and you just let us suffer! is NOT a matter of “mammone”, we just getting smarter more and more with entitled slut.ty pricesses like you!

But don’t worry, eventually you will find a guy who has tired of the game and is actually ready to settle down and knock your tired ass up. He may not be the perfect guy you were dreaming about when you were 23 and had the world at your finger tips, but hey at least he put a rock on your finger and is willing to put up with your bullshit day in and day out for a chance to stick in you once or twice a week.

So you are lucky, he might make you pancakes and even remember your birthday, but im sure you’ll be the one to start the divorce in the future.”

-Giovanni from Italy


Dear Rapey McStabby,

Life must be very difficult for you. This morning you woke up in a cold, lonely bed with only captain Teddy and your golden penis to keep you company. You haven’t been near a vagina since your mom forced you out of hers fifteen years ago, and the only comfort you get from women is the little espresso cup your mamma leaves on the counter before sending you off to high school. This particular morning, however, your coffee must have been cold, hence your tantrum and misogynistic rant on my comment board. However, I’m glad that we all get to hear from you and your thoroughly original manifesto. Everything that you’re saying is really unique and not at all a product of a misogynistic culture that teaches little boys that they’re being denied their rights as a man if they don’t get whatever they want, whenever they want it. But don’t worry, I totally understand you.

I’m really appalled that you’ve been so mistreated. I mean, how could any woman turn you down? You’re exactly what every woman wants. Just look at your bright shining personality, your charisma, your intelligence. You know, you remind me of a famous lawyer in the United States. Maybe you’ve heard of him? Ted Bundy? He was also charismatic and passionate and totally sane, just like you. Seriously, I think you guys would have the best time ever. See, Ted Bundy was also slighted by women, and he, too, was frustrated with how ruthlessly they’d denied him his basic “rights” and dominion over the entire world.

When I think of all you’ve been through, my heart just aches for you. I mean, to think that women turned you down even after you went out of your way and bought them a drink (that’s like EIGHT DOLLARS! You are definitely entitled to someone’s body for EIGHT DOLLARS!). I just don’t get it. How could any woman drink your eight dollar gift of gold and not give you something directly in return? Why don’t women understand that their vaginas can be purchased with a vodka tonic? Someone should tell them that they are really over-priced and holding out because you’re penis deserves to be near them for no other reason than you’re you, and you are fucking special. 

It’s really difficult to be a white male, I know, everyone always denying you all of your rights and not giving you everything you want when you want it. Your life is extra difficult right now as I’m sure you’re in mourning over the loss of your best friend and mentor, the late Elliot Rodger. HIs life was equally as difficult as yours, so difficult in fact that he was forced to murder people to “teach them a lesson.” All of those evil women running around with self respect, not dropping their panties for eight dollars. I mean, nobody can understand why women didn’t like him! What wasn’t to like? He was bitter, resentful, entitled, and sexist, what a fucking catch! When I meet a guy that is all, “Look at my shitty attitude ‘femmnazi bitch,’ give me your vagina,” I think, I AM WINNING SO HARD TODAY! And then I tell all of my girlfriends how lucky we are to have vaginas that men can use however they want, whenever they want.

Teenage girls really are the worst, right?. They grow up being told by men that their sexuality isn’t their own, that if they have sex they’ll go to hell, and their parents would kill them if they knew about it. Their father’s spend their entire lives protecting their daughters chastity because purity was worth a few goats a while ago. It’s really annoying that girls grow up with these ideas instilled in them by the patriarch and they’re not willing to break their ingrained morality for you and your vodka tonic. Seriously, women really do suck! It’s true that our every action is a direct attack on men. When I was a teenager I basically sat around thinking of ways to sexually frustrate teenage guys. That was my entire teenage existence! How can I sexually frustrate men? Teenagers aren’t very smart, back then I had no idea that every guy who was interested in me was entitled to my body whenever they wanted. Have you tried telling the women who’ve rejected you that your mom and dad taught you that you’re special and you’re entitled to whatever you want? Maybe all of these cruel women didn’t get the memo stating that it’s their sole purpose in life is to serve you. Every woman is your own personal roller-coaster and it doesn’t matter what she wants at all because your needs are way more important than hers. #thesebitches! AmIRight? Thankfully, we have guys like you to educate us. Your parents must be very proud that they’ve raised such a great man. Especially your mother. Just think,  if you’d been around when she was growing up you could have also taught her that her entire existence was to get sexed by every guy in her city who bought her a soda. Unfortunately, since you weren’t born yet, she probably waited to be with your father. What a monster. #yourmomsafemmnazi

You know, it’s true, some guy did marry my “tired old ass” even though I was all old and saggy at 30. My face was practically falling off when he proposed but still he went ahead and did it anyway (probably because he was so tired of all that young sex he was getting). He bought me a Rum and Coke and and gave my dad a cow so basically we were good to go. OR maybe, I married him because he’s intelligent, respectful, and he’s a feminist who believes that I don’t owe him shit just because he was born with a penis. Maybe, I married him because he’s a decent person and isn’t a spoiled chimpanzee. Just maybe he married me because marriage is a partnership that is based on friendship and trust, not only sex. You creep.

I highly recommend that you see a therapist and I hope for the sake of the women in your village that none of them sleep with you, ever. You don’t deserve it.

For my readers, while this is a humor site, I take misogyny very seriously and we all should. It’s time to look at the culture we’re breeding where so many men feel like they have a “right” to whatever they want. It’s a worldwide issue, not only an American issue, or an Italian issue. Isolated incident? With the statistics on rape and the sheer number of men who kill their wives (every other day a woman in Italy is beat to death by her husband), I’d say it’s not a few isolated incidents by a few crazies.

Elliot Rodger: More Than A Madman (Great video on how misogyny kills).


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lexee May 30, 2014 at 10:58 am

Brava!!! Awesome response, I couldn’t have imagined giving him a kick in the palle in any better way!

The Notorious GLB. May 30, 2014 at 11:04 am

I literally laughed out loud at your addressing this twat as “Rapey McStabby”. It’s really a shame that us women are SUCH assholes towards men! We won’t let them put their penises wherever they want?! We are so mean! Awesome post–there is such a need for strong women right now to stand up for those who don’t have a voice, and you’re definitely one of them! Brava 🙂 #yesallwomen #bringbackourgirls

tiredofita11 May 30, 2014 at 11:04 am

Not sure how I stumbled on this but thanks for the laugh!

Marti Bullard. MAJ, USA Ret. May 30, 2014 at 12:15 pm

Hey, I am an American male, married to an wonderful Italian woman.
I loved your response to that moron!
I have many Italian male in- laws, my official Italian name is Zio Marti.
They are all exceptional, respectful men. If ant of them had the attitude moron had nonna would kill them. My mother taught me to respect woman on every level. I think your best thought is one my wife and I have, mutual respect, trust, and love equal a real relationship. I enjoy your blog, I follow several as we own a home in Calabria and most of our relatives live there. 6 months in Florida, 6 months in southern Italy. Living the good life. Now if I could just learn Italian! Thanks for your blog, not all men are Neanderthals.

Linda May 30, 2014 at 1:54 pm

Great response! I love your blog, and I am astonished at what such “man” or better, “human being” wrote you. I’m really scared when I think that there are men walking next to me and asking me for drinks that have such hideous thoughts. Anyway, when I go out with a man, I like to split the bill just to be sure that no claim for “I paid you that, you owe me this” is involved. Maybe it is a reminiscence of when I was young. I was 12, and a guy I knew and with whom I was exchanging daily texts, asked me if I wanted to be his girlfriend. I said no and he told me I was a bad person because he had charged my phone with ten euros so I was supposed to say yes. I felt ashamed and angry at him, and now I don’t want anyone to tell me that I owe something. A woman should never owe something to man, and viceversa. Unfortunately, many friends of mine tend to give something to men in order to make them stay, or because they feel they had to. Or even because they’re physically pushed to ( yes, it happens and not to stupid girls as you may think ).

Ps. Sorry for the long comment, but it is really an interesting topic that strikes me.

Linda (as Giovanni would say, an Italian femminazi)

GirlinFlorence May 30, 2014 at 3:07 pm

Wow just wow Misty, I;m amazed at how many crazy people there are in this world and this guy is a particular brand of pathetic loser, there are no words :(. The way he commented makes me think he might have read from the book of ‘how to be an asshole for life’ or something similar… I haven’t really met these desperate 30 year old women he speaks of but then again he probably doesn’t either, it just sounds like a sad sad man who someone turned down a long time ago which he hasn’t forgotten about since. Your comment was brilliant!

Jen Hollis May 30, 2014 at 3:36 pm

I was literally doubled over laughing reading this response.
I almost felt bad for the guy, particularly where he believes all the young women who told him no just must be waiting to have sex until they hit their 30s–presumably because that makes no sense at all.
Interestingly, I read another sexist diatribe about women having too much sex in their 20s and so becoming inappropriate to marry by the time they reach 30 and become useful as procreators.

Cassidy May 30, 2014 at 6:59 pm

Wow! It really seemed he knew what he was talking about!! But he got one thing wrong… statistics have shown that males and females (at least, teens & young adults) have the same levels of sexual desires. And about that crazy Rodgers in California, people are trying to defend his misogyny by saying he was just mentally ill, it wasn’t about women. Yeah. Right. I still don’t get that, if he really wanted to lose his virginity, he could have just hired a porn star. He was rich enough. I don’t even know how to argue with these type of men… they’re not going to listen to you no matter what sense you try to explain to them…

Judith A. Greenwood May 31, 2014 at 12:48 am

I wonder how long before he also wants to kill all the men who are getting sex?

Naphtali May 31, 2014 at 3:39 am

All I can say is Thank You.

lovefromitaly May 31, 2014 at 10:50 am

I actually noticed this comment when I found your blog the other day and was sooooo tempted to respond but I didn’t want to start a slanging match in your comments thread, so I desisted…. I am so, so glad you responded to this coglione, and in such a fab way! BRAVA!!!
From (in his opinion) another femminazi bitch YA!

Michelle May 31, 2014 at 1:05 pm

You’re amazing Misty – thanks for doing us all proud! And I agree this is so much more terrifyingly common than so many people realize. I’m loving the conversation you’ve started, also on Facebook. Bravissima.

M.E. Evans June 12, 2014 at 6:09 pm

Awe! Thanks Michelle!

Aaron June 2, 2014 at 5:43 pm

They’re both talking past each other while being sexist and racist towards each other. Just because he’s white doesn’t mean he’s had it easy. We shouldn’t make assumptions about an individual based on their race, sex, etc even if we think we are right that one group has an upper hand over the other. However, he brings out a legitimate point. If a woman wants stability and a family , its getting harder to find a good man. You should be worried about the condition of men if you’re a woman and you want the above. Men are becoming less educated and less likely to want marriage. Divorce is too costly and unfair to men. No fault divorce, half your wealth, alimony, child support, less visitations with children. Whats the incentive?

She complains about women having their sexuality objectived by men. A very legitimate point. I wouldn’t want to be a woman in todays world. The pressure to “have it all” whatever that means along with the bombardment of society to have the perfect body, perfect relationship, while pretending to happy in facing this unrealistic expectation.

He complains about women dressing provocatively triggering a natural biological instinct to procreate and the frustration of not being awarded for what they believe is proper behavior thus imitating behavior that is far worse (being a player, treating women just as objects). Trying to convince them to be feminist isn’t going to get them laid and isn’t a guarantee of a happy relationship nor satisfy that massive drive and even frustrating drive to have sex. I think its clear by the lack of respect each side showed each other this isn’t going to happen.

People seem to think relationships only as the view of sexual attraction and not also how much masculinity and femininity plays into that desire to be with each other. We have to learn how to handle these things with respect towards each sex.

Tiana (@TianaKaiMiami) June 4, 2014 at 4:04 am

Holy hell, poor little man must have dolled out too many drinks to women who would never sleep with him. Instead of changing his game he has decided to take the narcissistic approach in blaming any available ovary.

He is upset with the path he chose for his penis, poverino. Since he can’t stop using “payback” it’s evident that he’s been stung more than once or even thrice, so let’s all say a prayer for the little big stallion. Poor baby.

M.E. Evans June 12, 2014 at 6:06 pm

Right? Poor little guy…Although, surprisingly, Italian guys seem to agree with him. Fascinating. Scary. Eek.

chirose June 4, 2014 at 3:54 pm

Fantastic response.!! You are the best.!!

M.E. Evans June 12, 2014 at 6:05 pm

Thanks babe!

Fabrizio June 5, 2014 at 1:28 am

Being a young italian man in my early 20s myself i can tell you that however exaggerated, this guy does make a point. M.E., i’ve been reading your blog for about one year now and while most of the time is funny (love the random capibaras), pleasant and very accurate on the habits of us italians it’s seen form an outsider POV, as you’ve not been raised in Italy.
So lemme make this straight:
1) Young women tend to sexually frustrate their male counterparts for one simple reason: they’ve been taught they should not seek sex for pleasure, but that they should use it as a mean to get other types of advantages. And this applies as long as they’re inside the country..during holidays abroad they fuck like wild rabbits. I’VE SEEN IT WITH MY OWN EYES. I bet your partner F, Much like me was utterly ignored by girls of his same age in university, while to you he’s probably the best catch you could ever make. Which brings us to point 2:
2) In the italian society all that matters for attracting 90% of the girls is looks, money, connections/social status (usually camouflaged as “charm” in-between-women talks) and smooth-talking. NOTHING ELSE MATTERS. So all the qualities you find in F. are practically non-existent in the eyes of almost all 18-29 y.o. women. Once they hit their 30s and begin to age italian girls really freak out and bang anything on sight (expecially if he’s financially stable!).
3) The game in italy is ridicously hard. With a fair amount of good looks and wit i’ve been able to get laid/make out with girls of any nationality, included italian, but only if we were both abroad. It’s the consequence of every man having pussy as his number one priority in life, you women perceive it, and gear up the difficulty. Things like these only happen in certain parts of the USA with strong italian heritage and obese self-entitled women. In the rest of the world youngsters hook up for the sake of it, which is very natural while here they (almost) never do without having second goals. Period.
so please stop, feminism in italy will never grow as only the minority of italian females behave as rational human beings who don’t think of their genitals as a currency to buy things with. Women of power in italy are usually just sluts who let the richest bastard fuck them. And if you’ve been following italian politics you’ll know it.
4) Ask F. how many girls he swept off their feet before you. 1? 2? maybe 3? heck, you were his best option, and why? because you’ve not been “italianized”. He’s a lucky man, i hope i’ll be able to replicate his success, or to make mine of the few italian women who are worth it.

M.E. Evans June 12, 2014 at 6:05 pm

Ciao Fabrizio! Thank you for the additional insight, I’m sure that people will find it very interesting. I’ve asked a few Italian women to write here to get their opinion but I haven’t found any yet. Do you know anyone? I’ve heard a lot of this before from various people and I can’t say whether or not it’s true because as you pointed out, I wasn’t raised in Italy. However, I can make a sociological guess on where this type of courting behavior comes from. It’s not that different from the South in the United States or as you said, areas with a lot of Italian immigrants or religious people. Also, my family is Persian so playing “hard to get” isn’t something entirely new to me. Italian woman are only half as snobby and difficult as Persian girls, I promise you. LOL. The point is that regardless of whether or not you “want” sex, it doesn’t mean that a woman is obligated to give it. Just like you’re not obligated to marry a woman that you had sex with, she’s not obligated to have sex with you if you buy her a drink. That’s my point. Yes, I’m sure it’s very annoying that people play games. Games are stupid and both men and women should just be honest and straight-forward. It’s easier that way. Regardless though, people aren’t entitled to eachother, and unfortunately that’s not what psycho dude from the post understood. He was creepy as shit. My husband? Unfortunately, he’s had sex with a lot more women than one or two (a few dozen, sadly). It’s gross and not something that I’m all that excited about (because ew). He dated a lot of international girls, but also a fair amount of Italian women too. Sadly, I’ve met many of his Italian “ex’s” who are fucking insane and completely weird and who had a difficult time understanding boundaries. Lots of drama. I think that you guys should hang out with the people he used to hang out with. LOL. Apparently he hung out with a more “liberated” group of women.

M.E. Evans June 12, 2014 at 6:14 pm

Francesco just said that women outside of small villages are pretty open. Plus, he studied in both Florence and Rome but was born in Cassino, so he said it was easy because the women were mostly Italians who were outside of their native village, too. I read your comment and he just gave me a creepy laugh. Then I punched him a lot. You just got him in trouble because now I have to remember how gross he is and smack the crap out of him. LOL.

Fabrizio June 13, 2014 at 12:16 pm

Now i see your point clearly. Well from what i’ve seen women who have opinion like yours are outnumbered 1 :100 in italy. With girls from my age group (i’m about 10 years younger than you so i tend to date girls from 18 to 24) thing got significantly harder the moment i graduated from high. Then again, i guess my problem is that i’m studying in my home town university which is pretty small and studying undergraduate medicine will keep me here another 4-5 years ..do you mind if we have a talk between Fs? (terrible pun, i know)

M.E. Evans June 13, 2014 at 6:11 pm

Ah, you’re studying medicine? That’s a long and tedious degree. Good luck love! Maybe the problem is that you’re staying in your hometown and girls are made to feel really bad and guilty about sex so they’re more “closed” at home. I guess I would be too if the whole town was going to talk badly about me for having fun. Are you saying that you want to talk to F? I’m sure you can talk “between F’s.” LOL.

Cindi June 6, 2014 at 12:31 am

Your response should be required reading!

M.E. Evans June 12, 2014 at 5:49 pm

I find it really interesting that the men who commented and the women who commented have a very different view of this blog post. I’m not sure what that tells us.

Wordy Wednesday – D is for Donna | lovefromitaly June 11, 2014 at 2:48 pm

[…] is why assholes like Giovanni write crap like THIS on blog posts just because a woman dares speak her mind (by the way follow this blog, I love it […]

Flirty Foodie June 16, 2014 at 7:00 am

It’s sad but I think there is a huge mis-connect between what many young/middle aged Italian men and women want in a relationship. Which I think has a lot to do with the lower marriage rates and the higher rates of divorce.

Like some Italian men still expecting their working wives to behave like their stay at home moms in terms of household duties. Or even worse I still vividly remember a classroom discussion while attending university here in Milan where the guys said that if they saw a woman driving a luxury car they automatically assumed that she was “mantenuta” (a kept woman).

I also know quite a few Italian woman in their 30s that are very sexually active with both single and married men. I can’t say women here are more or less sexually active (or promiscuous) than Americans. But they do go out of their way to hide it (thus the male comments about it only happening on vacation or while abroad).

Add to all that the fact that Italians achieve a level of financial independence necessary to help people start a family at a later age than in the US, Canada and most other European countries… And dating here and settling down just gets REALLY COMPLICATED.


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