Blogging About Italy Is Hilarious: Comments, Emails, And Humans

When you have a blog you know that there is a slight bump in traffic on days when you get a lot of angry comments or really fun, enthusiastic ones. On this blog I’m extremely lucky in the sense that our little community is fucking awesome, people are sweet and fun. Most of my comments and emails are simple questions about traveling to Italy or moving abroad. The number one question is: How do I find a job in Italy? The answer is: You don’t. I address most of these in my FAQ section. Check it out! And feel free to ask me anything, anytime, I try my best to respond to everyone. Sometimes the comments I receive are so nice that I’m elated for days (thank you so, so much). Almost everyone who arrives at Surviving is part of a really fun-loving tribe (except for that lady that just called me a liar, she’s just an asshole). Now, you guys know me, if I get a particularly mean comment I have a tendency to post it here and comment back for fun (I can’t help myself, remember that crazy misogynist?). Luckily, I don’t get too many jerks here.

My favorite comments/emails are the really personal ones where I get to learn about my readers (seriously, please share about yourself, I love it), or the really random or really unique emails that leave me smiling or mildly confused. Come to think of it, a lot of my unique or random emails/comments are also important life-lessons.

Can You Spot The Garden Gnome?

Can You Spot The Garden Gnome?


Love Can Overcome All Obstacles:

1. “Hello. I love your blog!  So, I hope this isn’t overstepping any boundaries but I have a question and I really need your advice. Here is the backstory: I’ve recently started dating an Italian man! He’s amazing! We haven’t had sex but we have fooled around and I realized that he’s not, you know, cut. Which is fine! I’m totally okay with it and everything but I don’t know what to do with it! Like, how do I touch it? Is it different during sex? Oral sex? How the heck!? HELP!”

Loyalty And The Importance Of Having Ones Back:

2. “OH HELLLL NO!? DID THAT MOTHAFUCKA JUST REALLY SAY SOM SHIT!? Grl! I dont know why he be trippin! Dont you put up with that shit from nobody! I swear, I be on a plane headin to Italy to take care of that mo-fo! Nuh-uh, no sir. I WILL STAB A BITCH!”

The Economics Of Marriage:

3. “American woman!  How I marry an american too? Can you give advices? I am very nice. Not so tall but I am very nice. I do not have many mony but I think Americans women don’t care like Italians? This is true? Do you have friends?”

Choosing Your Friends Wisely:

4. “This email will be short. I just wanted to tell you that you’re an asshole; an adorable asshole.”

Where There Is Good Food, There Is Great Company:



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15 thoughts on “Blogging About Italy Is Hilarious: Comments, Emails, And Humans

  1. Misty, you do it every time, sat here enjoying my last day, and 3rd trip this year, in Italy, trying to work out when and how soon I can return, soooo pissed off as I have to return to the UK at daft o’clock tomorrow, I’m howling laughing – mwah 🙂

      • I live in the North of England in a hilly region called Saddleworth, it’s between Manchester and Leeds in the county of Yorkshire. Really enjoyed watching the opening stages of the Tour de France recently, all those fella’s in Lycra! Weather is lovely at the moment sunny and mid 20’s.

  2. Pingback: Freakonomics Italian Style, the costs of a Bella Vita in 3 parts

      • That’s an awesome thing to say. Thanks. 🙂 It’s funny cause I never really shared my blog with close friends and family and sometimes I post my food on fb where they see and they keep commenting “you should start a food blog!” . My blog is not just a food blog, but if only they knew… hehe

  3. I am in Hamilton Ontario Canada ! I am laughing my head off at your blog! They are all great and I love having a coffee and reading them. I have been married to and Italian fifty one years and boy I have had my share of experiences! For years I thought my name maxine translated to “mangiacake”. Have a great weekend!

  4. hahaha loved the idea of you sharing these comments…they are hilarious! Ive never received any crazy far hhaha 😀

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