Street Style In Florence In October: Stalking People And A Day Out Embarrassing My Husband

I spent the day out with my husband stalking people in the center of Florence. My husband finds it highly inappropriate to take pictures of people I don’t know and he followed me around whispering, “stop DOING THAT!”. He needs to loosen up a little bit OR I need to have a different attitude about documenting other people’s lives. Anyways, I took a variety of different people all rocking their personal style for fall in Florence, Italy. You’ll notice the men in Italy are dressed very well with perfectly coordinated outfits. The women are similar and most of them were sporting the standard black boot that is ever-popular in Italy every fall/winter. This is an excellent Italian style guide for traveling to Italy because magazines are usually more focused on Milan style and what celebrities wear. This is how real people dress in Firenze. I threw in a few pictures of the city too because it was a beautiful day and because sometimes when people would stare at me for stalking them I had to take a picture of a building or something to look “normal.”



15 thoughts on “Street Style In Florence In October: Stalking People And A Day Out Embarrassing My Husband

    • Thanks babe! Yeah, it’s really obvious and there’s no real way to hide it. There were a few people who kept staring at me after I shot them but luckily nobody said anything. I learned recently that it’s actually Illegal to take pictures of children in Italy without consent from the parents. What an awkward thing to go to jail for.

  1. The priest looks like he is going out on a jaunty stroll/ mission to kill. I would take the mom’s outfit over the teen daughter’s any day. Love her shoes.

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  3. Great blog and so helpful! Leaving for Florence on Friday and I’m a bit flummoxed. Are people still wearing tall black boots this time of year?

    • Yes! lol. Usually people will wear their “winter-ish” style until the end of April or beginning of May (or even mid-May). Their style changes with the fashion season more often than the weather season. LOL. So, yeah, you’re likely to see girls in shorts with tights under, and long sleeved shirts and jackets until then. It’s actually a huge irritation for Italians that Americans go with bare legs or arms “so early in the season.”

  4. So helpful! I’m heading to Florence this week and the temps they are forecasting are midsummer temps here in ireland. Will adjust my wardrobe and just sweat it out 🙂

  5. Hey your blog is really veryyy helpful!! i’m moving to Florence in a month, everything is fine till now concerning visa and stuff but the only thing i’m worried about is renting an apartment before I go there! I don’t know which website is trustworthy or agency ect… Do you have any good recommendations please :)? Thank you!! & I love all your posts!

  6. This is INSANELY helpful! We are planning an Italian honeymoon end of October/early November and as an occasional fashion blogger, this has perplexed and stressed me to no end. Thank you for stalking these people in the name of street style!

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