Sources favorite news source for students and expats. I have a column here (which is why I’m slightly biased).
Flo’n the go is prepared by the Association Partners Palazzo Strozzi (APPS) to inform foreign students of the vast range of events and activities happening in Florence. Sign up online for their monthly newsletter!
Provides useful information on hotels, restaurants, transportation, etc. in Florence.
Website of the San Lorenzo district of Florence, where SACI is located!
The official site of the Tourism Board of Florence (APT).
Interactive tourist information site with guide to transportation, accommodations and attractions.
Information site with daily updates on current events and attractions in Florence.
“The Florence Art Guide” is an exploration of monuments, historic periods, artists and art works in Florence.
More tourist information with hotels, maps, and attractions.
Interactive map of Florence and monuments
Web portal dedicated to youth culture in Florence, featuring many pages in English.
The Carta Giò is a special card for students, which offers discounts on museums, concerts and much more
Radiofleur (acronym for Florence Europe) is a radio completely managed by students and dedicated to culture and music. SACI students may even contact the radio station if they are interested in hosting their own program in English.

3 thoughts on “Sources

  1. Just found your blog, and I am in love. I am so happy to find an expat as neurotic as me (I mean that in a good way), and also living in Florence. Will be following your blog! 🙂

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