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Moments in Florence by Alixann Loosle

written by M.E. Evans December 1, 2017

Alixann has been my wedding photographer twice. Francesco is my first and only husband (so far, just keep putting your socks in the wrong laundry basket, buddy), but we’ve been married three times total. Once in a courthouse, five days later in Park City, Utah, and six months later in Cassino, Italy. Alixann was with us for Park City and Cassino and we loved her. The pictures she took of both weddings were amazing but I especially love the wedding pictures she did for us in Italy. On a trip to Italy where she did another wedding, she took some pretty amazing pictures of her time in Florence and was kind enough to submit them here for posting. Her style is so natural and beautiful and warm, it’s perfect for a place like Italy with all that character and life. So, here you go! Enjoy a few moments in Italy via Alixann’s lens.












If you’d like to hire Alixann to photograph your wedding in Italy, you can find her contact information on her website. Also? She’s insanely affordable for Italy weddings because she loves the country so much that she offers amazing discounts to shoots there. Trust me, it’s so worth it to contact her. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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