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Bad Travel: A Horrible/Wonderful Month in Europe

written by M.E. Evans November 29, 2017

Hello everyone! I’ve been shakin’ things up lately with a design update, a new store, and now, a fancy new podcast called Bad Travel, available on Soundcloud (and soon on iTunes). Bad Travel explores wanderlust in a new light, the exceptional, hilarious, terrible or life-changing travel stories that shape us or at least make us look back and go, what the shit happened?

For my first episode, my friend Cynthia came on the show to talk about a disaster trip we took back in 2008. We missed flights, slept in airports, cried, argued, and at one point someone handed Cynthia a mug of vodka and licked her face. It was hilariously terrible.

Tune into this episode, Bad Travel: A Horrible/Wonderful Month in Europe, to find out what happens when two semi-strangers and travel novices take off together for a month in Europe where they fall on their asses, get lost and run out of money in Madrid, Barcelona, Florence, Dublin, Derry, and London.

Have an incredible, bizarre, or terrible travel story that you’d like to share? Shoot me an email. Write “Podcast” in the subject line and be sure to summarize your story in a paragraph or two.

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