Where I’ve Been When I’m Not Here

Hey everyone! It’s been a minute and I miss you guys. I’ve been gone partly because I’ve been crazy and struggling with some anxiety and depression but ALSO because I totally finished my book! YEE-HAW!

Now, I’m moving on to making a cookbook with Francesco that will be super fun and awesome. And starting another photography/art book about Italy. FUN STUFF (just need to get this anxiety under control, STAT).


Italy: Clashes at anti-government March in Florence: Things got a little out of control in Florence recently during a protest. Renzi has proposed a referendum that will reduce regional power. He says it will streamline parliament, his critics say that it will concentrate too much power federally. Police threw tear gas, Italians threw fire-crackers. One cop was “hurt in the leg.” And as much as I’m sad that anyone was hurt, or that the protest became violent in any way, I sure wish we could learn something from the Italians over here in ‘Merca. If we threw firecrackers at police officers during a protest, I imagine much worse things would happen. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-37886766

REVIEW: Elena Ferrante’s New Book: Frantumaglia: Alright, you guys might hate me but I don’t LOVE Elena Ferrante’s work. Sigh. I KNOW. Everyone loves her except for me and one of my best friends who discovered her together in a book club. Her writing is fantastic, but I have a hard time with her characters who are often really extreme female stereotypes, the insecure, self-loathing and petty stereotype or the martyr stereotype. However, that being said, her writing is beautiful and her books are based in the area that Francesco grew up. Reading her work is a great way to pull something about the culture of the place.  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/maria-laurino/review-elena-ferrantes-ne_b_12775280.html?utm_hp_ref=italy

Two Former Nuns Celebrate Their Love For Each Other In Italy: Two nuns recently left their convent to marry each other in Italy. All I have to say about this is, “awe.” It’s incredibly courageous, especially given their faith. It must have been very hard for these women to openly do what they’re doing. Love is love is love is love. And? I always wondered about nuns… http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/former-nuns-marriage-italy_us_57ed31e2e4b082aad9b999cf?utm_hp_ref=italy

What’s new with you guys? Are you excited/terrified for the upcoming election on Tuesday?


13 thoughts on “Where I’ve Been When I’m Not Here

  1. Funny, there must be a word for the phenomena of hearing an author’s voice when you read their stuff. I hear it when I read A.J.P. Taylor, I hear it when I read Hunter S Thompson. I hear it when I read your stuff. Kind of a hip, New York wise cracking accent. I wonder if there is such a word for this? The best thing I can say when I read your posts is that they provoke wry smiles. Kind of the way that Letterman does. Love reading your (un-PC) work. KInd regards, William Peisley.

  2. Glad to see your recent post…love your writing…you’re a witty minx!
    So sorry to hear of your struggles… I wish I could offer a solution or wave a wand and have you feel renewed and ready to fly!
    I’ll be thinking of you…and wishing you well!!

  3. Happy to see a post from you, it has been quite a while. As for your question, I am cautiously optimistic and confident that the outcome will be the right one and the orange bozo will be sent packing. I have some faith in the American electorate and cannot fathom that even a slight majority would vote for that ass clown.

  4. Yes, thrilled the election is near and this collective smear/hate fest will be over.
    Long Live Queen Hillary…and good luck to her..if she wins.. to defend herself from all the mud slinging I fear will dog her administration. Karma Baby…But seriously, how she will ever heal this nation after this most stressful and difficult election season….God Help her, and I am not even remotely religious.

  5. I’m in the middle of Elena Ferrante’s first novel, and quite agree with your assessment. I’ll probably finish it, but shan’t bother with any more.
    Your election is being discussed around the world. Our national TV broadcaster (in Australia) will be giving us the blow by blow. I hope the result is the right one, but I sure agree with Susie about the damage done.

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  7. We’ve missed you and we’re glad you’re back! Maybe you can give us a hint about your book. The depression and anxiety are CLASSIC for a writer – for some reason, it seems to go with the territory so all I can say is I’m glad you’ve come up for air. Writing a book is tough stuff, so kudos to you for not giving up even during the moments when you really hated every word. I live in the Wine Country north of San Francisco, but I spend a lot of time in Italy. It’s amazing what happens internally to a person when they are living in a different culture. Through a mutual friend, I met an outspoken, strong, wonderful American woman from Chicago who lives with her boyfriend in a southern town and BOY DOES HER LIFE seem challenging! I have read every word you have written because I’ve been toying with the idea of moving to Italy….thanks for your brutal honesty, your charming wit, and sharing yourself with all of us, and you have never offended me for a second. Go treat yourself to something really fun with Francesco! Be glad you are missing all this election bullshit. It’s a no-win situation, so I’ve moved on to more important things like reading your blog.

  8. I cannot wait until your book is published! When will it be out? I’ve already read your entire blog so I need more! lol. I’ve had major anxiety too, it sucks. I think it’s so awesome that you talk about it because I think it can really help a lot of people realize they’re not alone!

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