Authentic Italian Cooking With Francesco: Ragu And Tagliatelle

Hello all!


So, many of you already saw our instagram announcement that Francesco is making a series of cooking videos. Well, the first two are now live on Youtube. Woo-Hoo!

How To Make Authentic Italian Ragu

How To Make Tagliatelle By Hand

We will be using more professional cameras (if you’re wondering why I did a vertical shot, it was the only want to capture his head and what he was doing at the same time) in the future BUT for our first run it’s not nearly as insane as it could have been. And, how cute is Francesco!?

Since he’s shy and it’s his first foray into the public eye (he doesn’t even like Facebook), it would mean the world to me if you guys would head on over and offer some words of encouragement. Also, if you’re feeling super charitable, go ahead and share with your friends!

Questions or Comments about the recipe? Put them in the comments on Youtube and he’ll answer them asap.

Thanks so much and tanti baci!!!


9 thoughts on “Authentic Italian Cooking With Francesco: Ragu And Tagliatelle

  1. Love it! Keep ’em coming please. As Fall creeps in here in Colorado my Italian family gets together more and since my grandmother passed I’m always looking for more Italian meals to explore and cook 🙂 thank you! -Jenny

  2. Terrific video on Ragu!!! Love the “alcoholic” subtitles. Also, love Francesco’s accent, especially the way he says “tomatoes.” 😊
    I watched the video with my 17 yo daughter and she’s going to use this recipe tonight!
    Great dialogue and editing!!

  3. Please, let me have Francesco for one night only, I’d treat him right….! Hope you won’t mind

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