Munich, A Super Cute City 

So, I’ve been in Munich for about 24 hours and I have to say that so far, this is one of the cutest cities I’ve been in a long time. The architecture is beautiful, the people are well dressed in their business casual attire as they go to and from work, and the food is obviously awesome. Our hotel is an awesome location, city center, Hotel Am Markt.  I had sauerkraut and spatzle for lunch. Francesco had beer and weiners. Seeing “wiener,” on a menu makes me giggle because I’m a twelve year old on the inside. 


Munich is super orderly and clean. So much so that a waitress at a cafe nearly punched me in the face for moving a chair at an adjacent table to get to my seat, then doing it again to run to the bathroom. “Ma’am, what do you need?!” She grabbed me. “A bathroom?” I responded. She sighed, pointed to the bathroom, then walked to the chair I moved and put it back one inch to the left. First lesson, do not move the fucking chairs. I’m now studying the Germans to see how they get into the tables without moving anything because I’m obviously a moron and don’t know how sitting works. I will break this code. 

Francesco is at work so I’m just bumbling around by myself this week. It’s going to be pretty awesome. Yesterday I saw a man yodeling for tourists in a plaza. He was wearing lederhosen. My life is complete. 

I’ve been uploading tons of video and pics to Instagram (M_E_Evans) and Francesco has barely been judgy about my stalking strangers. So far, I’m winning. Well, except for the chair thing. 


4 thoughts on “Munich, A Super Cute City 

  1. Achtung! You vil comply! Just remember where you really are. I know you’re being humorous, but there’s nothing funny about Germany. Even now…70 years later. Beneath the veneer of orderliness it’s still the land of peaked caps and the gestapo.

  2. LOVE the German version of Mac & Cheese. I could live on that forever, but forever would be very short as I would die of cholesterol and shit.

    The photos & videos are great! But nine hours of torture – did you fly in from the States?

    I can’t wait to hear what you think of Prague – just stunning.

  3. Mmm, Spätzle! You need to try Bratkartoffeln. They’re fried potatoes, but not like fries. They’re a different shape and so delicious! In Austria, Wiener are called Frankfurter.

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