It’s April Fools Day And Immigration Is Trying To Deport My Husband (Allegedly)

I sent a text to Francesco this morning to help him celebrate April Fool’s Day for the first time.

Me: Honey! The police just came by! Something about immigration and you not giving them your new address? He said you can get deported! What the fuck!???

He called about one hour later.

Francesco: What the fuck!? Dio! Who called the police on me!? Who would do that?! Why? I don’t understand? I am legal! Babe? What should we do?

Me: HA! April Fools biatch!

Francesco: What?


Francesco: What?

Me: April. Fools.

Francesco: WHAT!?

Me: Sigh. APRIL FOOLS. It’s a weird fake holiday thing. A day of joking. You play tricks on people. I don’t know where it came from actually. It’s fun?

Francesco: That’s a holiday?

Me: Yeah. So, uhm, APRIL FOOLS!

Francesco: You’re an asshole. I have to go.

You know, he might be mad for a while but in reality he should be thanking me because I just gave him his first memorable April Fools Day AND I reminded him of how lucky he is to actually not have to worry about immigration. He’s probably really relieved after I told him it was a joke and relief is a good feeling to have in the morning. In ten years it will probably be funny. Or at least something funny to tell our kids when we have them. Or maybe our kids will get mad at him and actually call immigration but they’ll find out he’s legal, just like I did after my dad yelled at me when I was around 12. Good times.

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