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How To Overcome Writer’s Block By Renting An Apartment In Florence Italy

written by M.E. Evans March 27, 2014

Im sure you’ve noticed but I haven’t updating as much in the past weeks. I’ve been going through some stuff and dealing with a bad case of depression/anxiety/writer’s block awfulness. Sometimes I want to write but no matter how hard I try it just kind of sucks. Sigh. It’s times like these that I wish I had some Aderol and a vacation. And meth. People on meth seem to be having the best time ever.

I write for a living so writers block can be disasterous and defeating. When I can’t think, I can’t write, and when I can’t write my reasons to live, and to get out of bed in the morning disappear. I mean, yes, I have a dog and a husband, and I love both of them and they are also a reason to live. But my self worth is based on the idea that one day I’ll have a book version of my bullshit. It’s something that keeps the future exciting and full of possibility. It let’s me avoid thinking about the probable which is that I’m going to burst every vein in my ass pushing out some kids, whine over the new condition of my previously awesome vagina, struggle with weight and self-esteem, lose my husband to a less negative but total dipshit secretary then I’ll be forced to turn to vodka/heroin coffee for a new reason to get out of bed.

I’m dramatic, and that is why writing is the only thing I’m good at, which is sad, considering I often forget where to place commas and get confused as to whether or not my verbs agree. Sigh. This is why writer’s block is devastating and why avoiding it is insanely important to me. When it comes down to it, it’s all about relaxing.

Nothing frees the mind and inspires like taking a vacation. It has to be a fun vacation, not one that includes the in-laws (Francesco!) and it’s best if it’s somewhere relaxing, weird, or totally fucked up. Depending on if you want to write after or during the trip. My favorite places are Hawaii, Florence, and Barcelona to write during the trips. Yes, yes, I live in Florence most if the time, but grabbing an apartment for a week in a different part of town goes a long way. Especially something beautiful, that I can afford short term but never actually buy. Nothing inspires like, “if I could finish this book, this apartment would be my bitch.” I highly recommend this for people who want to do a writer’s retreat but don’t want to pay 45 billion dollars and give away their first born. I tell my writer friends to just rent an apartment alone or with some other writers at apartments in Florence and work out a workshop schedule. It’s a cheap-ish, beautiful, fun way to refresh yourself and get some new ideas. Sometimes an apartment away from home is all you need to get yourself going and finish that masterpiece you’ve been contemplating suicide over. Many of my friends are writers and “Please GOD I NEED TO GET AWAY,” is the second thing we talk about after, “How much of this story can I share without being disowned?”

The reason I prefer renting an apartment over a hotel is that I need to feel at home when I travel. Hotels seem too sterile sometimes, too cookie cutter, and I hate that I can’t lock myself inside with food and my own coffee. You can find rental apartments in gorgeous areas all over Florence, ones with rustic charm, and details you can’t find in a hotel. They are perfect for writing, for balancing a sneak outside with the comforts of home. Plus they are almost always dog friendly. If you’re unable to make it to Florence to write, I’d find a hotel in another city and get to it. A home away from home really gets things going, like lube and the Kama sutra.

My writers block is out of control right now. I haven’t written even a page in my book for two weeks. I’m feeling like total shit and hoping to make a reservation to my favorite apartments soon. I hope this post can help my other creative friends who have their heads up their asses right now and are struggling to produce something that may or may not save their lives.

Which reminds me, because surely a few readers will ask for recommendations. Honestly,if you want a great place to go, to relax, write, paint, be creative, get away, bring your dog, in Florence, Italy, I’d recommend Piazza Belfiore: They have gorgeous, affordable apartments. Also, I’m annoying so tell them you heard about them from me and who knows, maybe they’ll hook you up with a little somethin’.

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