Surviving In Italy Won Stuff! Thank You So Much For All Of Your Love And Support. We Are WINNING!

HOLY SHIT YOU GUYS! WE WON SOMETHING! I’d like to thank all of you who nominated Surviving In Italy for the Italy Blog Awards 2013. Thanks to all of your votes (and whichever one of you that paid someone in their office a hefty sum) Surviving In Italy WON the Best Single Post for How To Survive Being An Expat. I’m pretty glad that I won for one of my more inspirational posts and not for the one about me losing my hearing after being punched in the ear by a drunk man in Florence. My family wouldn’t have been nearly as proud of that. Anyways, thanks for supporting me here, for sharing me on your FB, personal Blogs, and Twitter accounts and for making this blog a little success and a lot of fun. I love you guys, you’re the best! To say thank you, as recommended by my fellow blogger and friend, Expat Eye, I’ll be giving you all a Valentine’s Day gift that keeps on giving. HINT: It’s not Chlamydia. 

Last but certainly not least: Congratulations fellow bloggers!!! You guys are amazing! 

Best Art & Culture Blog
Becoming Italian Word by Word

Best Single Art & Culture Post
Points & Travel: La Bottega Del Legno: The Wood Shop In The Forlì Region Of Italy

Best Fashion and Design Blog
Le Conqui

Best Food Blog
Italy On My Mind

Best Single Recipe from a Food Blog
The Bittersweet Gourmet: Bucatini in Artichoke, Anchovy & Saffron Sauce

Best Living in Italy Blog
Rick’s Rome

Best Single Living in Italy Blog Post
Surviving Italy: How to Survive Being an Expat

Best Italy Travel Blog
Florence For Free

Best Single Italy Travel Blog Post
Bella Bagni di Lucca – Lucchio

Best Overal Blog for Lovers of Italy
Mozzarella Mamma

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11 thoughts on “Surviving In Italy Won Stuff! Thank You So Much For All Of Your Love And Support. We Are WINNING!

  1. So glad that you won! Since travelling to Italy to search out where my grandparents were raised is on my bucket list, I knew I had to start doing some research. That’s when I came across your blog and got hooked, I love the insanity of your blogs and usually end up laughing out loud to most of them! Keep up the good work!

  2. can’t believe FFF got a shout out from the blog that always makes us laugh at the most inappropriate times – in short, we’re super honored. congrats on the win!

  3. Well done Misty. I’ve been following your blog of late. Although much older than yourself I am aiming to “Live the Good Life” in Tuscany pretty soon so I read your articles with a rye smile on my face as I have been married to an Italian for over 35 years and know their traits oh so well by now.
    Congratulations, Paul

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