Italian Hand Gestures And Awkward Rambling

This is really awkward. I probably should have drank wine first because I was really nervous. Anyways, it’s the first time I ever filmed myself (and what is going on with my hair again?). Enjoy!


16 thoughts on “Italian Hand Gestures And Awkward Rambling

  1. You HAD do do it by video, so give us some more of them. Btw, you were on the right track because they had to use gestures since there were so many dialects and cultures. I was using the slapping one for awhile as a wave, oops! I am so amused by my friends’ gestures though not everyone uses them. Here in Sardinia they use fewer, and less often than in sicily for example, i find especially in the south they use them. And of course in Brooklyn! Ha!

    • Hello love! Thank you for stopping by! I’m definitely going to do more videos. Next time I’ll be drunk, I hope. 😛 Yes, I would agree that gestures are more prevalent in the south, although, my Florentine friends use them a lot too and so do my friends in Brescia. 🙂

  2. Ha, I didn’t know that there were so many different gestures – you do them so well. I haven’t seen very many hand gestures since moving to Germany but there is one that is done so often that I adopted it too. It means the person you are talking about is crazy or what they are doing/did was stupid. The movement is taking your index finger and poking yourself in the forehead while you are talking about them with your eyes open really wide. It’s like: “Oh, did you hear that Helga got pregnant again? Yeah, she thinks that’s going to save the relationship!” *poke* *poke* *poke* Great video, enjoyed the gestures! It’s gotta be like a constant game of charades over there trying to figure out what the hell people are trying to communicate, fun!

  3. Omg you’re the best! Wait till you have kids, then it’s really shit hitting the fan…
    Anyways I shared your 25 things about Italy since they’re one by one whole true.
    Good news is at a certain point you just stop caring and start drinking, having your stories on the side and not sharing your shit to friends and family. Just like them!

  4. Probably because we have so many years of history and so many other culture and people passed through italy. So not always you could communicate using words but with gestures, that somehow worked out.
    I’ve noticed tho that most of mediterrean culture’s countries uses alot of them.

    Just my 2 cents tho, i really don’t know if thats THE or one of the reasons.

  5. Misty, Eric and I just watched this and laughed our asses off. You’re fantastic and beautiful. Please please please make more videos about hand gestures and also Italian accents! Please!

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