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Today One Of My Posts Went Viral (And There Are So Many Weird People In The World)

written by M.E. Evans November 21, 2013

WINNING! My views for my post 25 Things I’ve Learned About Italy  is somewhere near 9,000 and the comments are pouring in. So far I’ve gotten a ton of really good feedback. A lot of really nice expats and Italian people writing nice things and making me feel super warm and fuzzy. Then there are a few assholes who write confusing things like, “your people love mcnuggets and  are fat” and “go back to America” or my favorite which is, “You make up deh bullshit about us!” But I totally don’t (always) because the post that HE is angrily referring to is one that I linked a bunch to show that I wasn’t making shit up. So, read the links, angry guy. But ANYWAYS,  I WENT VIRAL! HOLY CRAP! I WIN! Even if you yell at me I STILL WIN! But don’t yell at me because it makes me feel bad. Sort of. It makes me feel bad until I respond to your comments with a video of a Capybara swimming. Then it’s just funny. (My husband WHO IS ITALIAN said, “only you think that that is funny. Okay, yeah, it’s kind of funny” so we all agree!)

On a serious note: I received a lot of really good feedback and many super nice comments. So thank you fellow weirdos from all over the world who somehow totally get my sense of humor! We are legion! Thank you for sharing and for stopping and I totally hope you come back (except for the chicken nugget dude. Totally uncalled for. Guy.)

P.S. Every time you share this a kitten gets his wings. Er, gives you toxicplasmosis. I don’t know. Something happens. It’s probably a good thing. It’s probably not toxicplasmosis. 

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