Europeans And Their Long Ass Vacations OR Misty Becomes A Pirate While Drunk In France

Hello my humans! I’m not dead, I took a break. In August Europeans flee their cities for the coasts and some, like my husband, get one month of paid vacation. ONE MONTH! Can you imagine? I just returned from a week vacation with F and two of his friends. We drove from Italy to Barcelona and on the way back we stopped in Blanes Spain, Montpellier France, and Arles France. Drank too much, suffered a suicide level depression (weeee!), ate the best food of my life, and talked a boat captain into letting me on his empty cruise ship at 4 a.m. last night to drink with the his crew. I can be persuasive when alcohol is in question (or more accurately I seem mentally disabled and people feel sorry telling me no).



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