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Public Stalking Italian Style

written by M.E. Evans August 8, 2013

I finally got my identity card in Italy so now I’m feeling very official and fancy and violated. Yep. Violated. F and I went down to the public office today to get some stuff taken care of.  F left me alone for a few to run to the bank and I was ushered into an office to make sure I had my stuff in order, etc. I noticed while doing this that the man working behind the desk was giving me very obvious, “i’m thinking about having sex with your right now,” looks. Fine, whatever, it happens but he’s old and working for the public office. F returned and I was all, “dude over there is giving me perv stares,” and F was all, “yeah I noticed that.” Dude peacocked around the office smiling a little here, pacing in and out of his own office into the one that I was in and making sure I saw him glancing in my direction. Again, whatever. BUT THEN, I returned home and checked my FB to find an invite from dude. 

Listen, dude, other than the fact that you’re 20 years my senior, you found me by getting  info out of the public database! Ahem. In my country this is borderline crazy. Don’t be weird.

“Babe, that dude sent me a friend request on FB!” I screamed across the house. 

“Really? Huh.” 

“Seriously. That’s all you have to say? ‘IT’S A LITTLE WEIRD’?  I was there today WITH YOU.”


“Not bothered, huh?”

“Well, you know, we are in Italy. Dees dings happen here.”

“Right. Awesome. And what does he think will happen? I’ll add him and soon I’ll be having an affair with old man balls?”

“ha! Old man balls! You’re funny.”


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