I-A Steal-A Your-A Dress-A

My friend emailed me this video on FB with the title, “Misty, is this you?”

It is not me. I would have stolen the Gladiator’s sword, hopped on my vespa and ran the other girl down while waving my sword in the air, screaming, “THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!”

Though I wish I would have been there to at least say I took the video myself because it’s kind of amazing.


4 thoughts on “I-A Steal-A Your-A Dress-A

  1. I just love feel good clips. These are the moments smart phones were made for.

    Love your blog by the way. Have spent the last week obsessing over getting through the whole thing. You have a gift. Keep on turning the ordinary, the insanity, and the not-so-perfect into great entertainment. Thanks.


    • I really appreciate the positive feedback! Thank you! If there is anything I can do to improve, or if there’s something you’d like me to cover in the blog, let me know!

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