Public Sex?

Once in a while I like to check my stats to see who is coming from where and how they ended up here. And, I have to say, I am really fucking sorry if you were searching for “public sex” and instead ended up on “surviving me.” And apparently there are a lot of you. Top searches that lead people to M.E. for 2012:

Public Sex

Having Public Sex

Public Sex in Italy

Sex In Public And Something About A Drinking Jar

What’s really depressing about this is that I want to be a public sex expert, i do. However, my husband would rather castrate himself and join the church choir before getting all hanky-panky with me out in the open because “a wife is sacred” and all that. In fact he nearly has a stroke if I change into pajamas without both the shutters closed AND the curtains drawn (for the people with x-ray night goggles who he believes live in our hood?). I find this funny because when I met him I was doing nude art installations. Anyhow, yes, I’m bitter about it. I would like to be a public sex expert but I’m not because life is stupid. And because of the Madonna-Whore Complex. Thank you, Roman Catholic Church, this is totally all your fault.


Keep your pants on in public or I will CUT YOU! Then put you in the choir. Bietch!



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