A Weekend Getaway: Exploring Italy’s Rich Music Scene By Paul Giltern


Like most European countries, Italy has a wonderful music scene welcoming international acts to cities such as Turin, Rome and Milan every week.

For the most part, quaint Italian music venues litter the aforementioned cities, hidden in the back streets of these bustling urban metropolises. Once bands have played Italy for the first time, they appreciate the intensity and passion of the music fans in Italy and always look to comeback whenever they get the chance.

The lure of performing at the likes of La Scala in Milan (main picture) or Teatro dell’Opera di Roma and Villa Celimontana is often too much to resist, according to Guardian when they looked at the best music venues in Rome.

But it’s not just the big cities that attract some of the world’s most celebrated artists. Italy is known for its outdoor festivals and concerts – basically, the weather in Italy is a little more pleasant that in some neighboring European countries. Hence why so many European travelers who love music end up booking weekend getaways to Italy in order to attend a festival or concert. There is a ton of annual music festivals held in Italy including festivals such as Lucca Summer Festival, Umbria Jazz Festival, Puccini Festival and Verona Opera Festival among others that have been listed on Ciao Citalia.

Italy’s wealth of festivals welcomes thousands of tourists each year, but this year there will be a special event held at the Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari in Imola, just north of Bologna. On June 10, 2017 Guns N’ Roses will play their only Italy show of their world tour. The band that recently announced they were to reform have been playing a slew of North American dates recently in preparation for their huge world tour.

The concert goes to show the pulling power Italy has when it comes to attracting the biggest bands in the world. The Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari in Imola is an outdoor concert space, which according to reports can accommodate up to 30,000 spectators. Aside from U2 announcing they will play Rome’s Olympic Stadium on June 15, the Guns N’ Roses show will be the biggest event in Italy’s music calendar in 2017. The Rock Blog were the first to announce the show and revealed that the presale tickets went on general sale on December 9.

To get fans excited about the concert, here is a video of the band’s recent Las Vegas show.

The upcoming Guns N’ Roses show is expected to sell out. The Imola racetrack is usually used for Formula One racing but has proved to be a great venue for outdoor concerts over the years, and will undoubtedly be the perfect setting for Axl and Slash to rattle through their back catalogue.

The reforming of one of rock music’s greatest ever bands hasn’t just captured the attention of Italian music fans – its put the band in front of a global audience once again. As news broke of the band getting back together, memorabilia started flooding online for fans to buy. Regardless of Axl’s past legal issues with video game company Activision, they are reports circulating that there could well be another Guitar Hero game on its way after the band release their new album. Additionally, a slew of awesome online games have started springing up online including the Guns N’ Roses Video Slots game released by renowned gaming portal Slingo. All of this is in anticipation of Guns N’ Roses upcoming concert at the Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari in Imola. The band are a cash cow, and with fans anticipating their return to European shores, the GNR band shirts, videogames and remastered albums are making the band huge sums of money in royalties.

So if you are a music fan and need an excuse to venture to Italy, why not either look up the venues we’ve mentioned in this article or book yourself a ticket to see Guns N’ Roses or U2 and witness how passionate Italian music fans really are.

About Paul Giltern: A music fan for over 30 years, Paul first fell in love with David Bowie’s music. Fast forward to the present day and Paul contributes to a slew of online publications. He loves going to concerts and collects vinyl. Away from music, Paul enjoys traveling and reading.

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Energizer Bunny Whore In Lipstick-Or-Italian Music

My husband absolutely loves Italian “oldies.” In fact, he’s probably listened to this particular song no less than one-thousand times. I’ve never really listened to the lyrics but today for some reason I decided to look the song up. I learned that basically, “oldies” in Italy is just another way of saying “old and dirty” since this song is about a super- whore wearing red lipstick. And yes, “super-whore” is a real thing that I just made up which means the energizer bunny of whoring.

Fabrizio De Andrè-Bocca di Rosa

And here is more or less a rough translation. Enjoy!


They called her Bocca di Rosa
she put love, she put love
they called her Bocca di Rosa
she put love above everything.

As soon as she got off at the station
in the little village of Sant’Ilario
everybody knew at a glance
that she wasn’t a missionary.

There are those who make love because of boredom,
those who choose it as a profession.
Bocca di Rosa did neither,
she did it for passion.

But passion often leads
to the satisfaction of one’s own desires
without investigating whether the object of ones lust
has a free heart or a wife.

And so it was that from one day to the next
Bocca di Rosa attracted
the fatal fury of the bitches
from whom she had taken the bone.
And the bitches went to the chief of police,
saying, without mincing their words,
“That dirty woman has already too many clients,
even more than a food shop”.

And four guards arrived
with their plumes with their plumes
and four guards arrived
with their plumes and their weapons.

A soft heart is not a quality
for which the carabinieri are noted,
but on that occasion they unwillingly
accompanied her to catch the train.

Everybody was at the station, from the
chief of police to the sacristan
everybody was at the station
with red eyes and their hats in their hands.

To say goodbye to someone who for a little while,
without pretention, without pretention,
to say goodbye to someone who, for a little while,
brought love to their village.

There was a yellow board
with black writing on it, saying:
“Farewell Bocca di Rosa
you take spring away with you”.

But unusual news
doesn’t need a newspaper:
it quickly flies from mouth to mouth
as the arrow shoots from the bow.

And at the following station were
many more people than when she left
some blowing a kiss, some throwing a flower,
some booking a couple of hours.

Even the priest who doesn’t despise,
whilst saying a prayer of mercy or the last rites,
the ephemeral good of beauty,
wants her near him in the procession.

And with the Virgin at the front
and Bocca di Rosa close by
he leads through the village
love both sacred and profane!
Read more at http://lyricstranslate.com/en/bocca-di-rosa-rose-mouth.html#OfC84JOEE6OSoswf.99

You! Shut It!

My apartment is located outside of the center in a little gated community near Campo Di Marte. We moved here because it’s “nice and quiet.” Bullshit!

We’re sandwiched right between crazy and some opera-singing-asshole upstairs. Our landlord downstairs is going through a divorce and the dude upstairs is going to music school. Doesn’t sound that bad, you say? Imagine someone screaming out of tune for six hours straight every.fucking.day, no, wait, better yet, jam a sharpened pencil in your ear while listening to the soundtrack from Mamma Mia. There you go. Now, mix in the sound of breaking furniture and a broken-record replaying hardcore music, or the scratchy obnoxious screaming clip from one of The Used’s songs. Who I have met by the way, and  yes, Jeff is actually very cute in real life. And little. He’s pocket-sized.

I need earplugs damnit, or I need the fat lady to sing. Or, in this case, I need the large Japanese man to stop singing and I need the other dude to go to therapy, asap. I got shit to do people! Okay, not really, but I could theoretically have something to do one day. And for that day I’ll need peace and quiet.