You Put Out

Francesco recently tried to learn American slang. 

Male Friend: Hey remember when your husband, the sexy Italian, took me on a date? 

Me: Yeah

MF: And we went to Sundance. 

Me: Yeah. 

MF: That was fun. 

Me: Francesco said that you put out. 

MF: hahahaha. 


Me: Then I said, “He said you put out.” 

Francesco: huh? What does it mean? 

Me: Put out. Like had sex, sort of. 

Francesco: ha! I put it all out somewhere! 

Me: nope

F: No? 

Me: Nope. Not how slang works. 

F: oh…put it all…

Me: Nope. 

F: sigh. Fine. 


9 thoughts on “You Put Out

  1. I’m curious to hear about your experiences with depression. How has that affected your pursuit of an expat life? Moreover, did depression influence your decision to move to Italy?

    • Alan, I have more of a problem with anxiety than I do depression, although I’ve went through some pretty terrible and low times and have been incredibly depressed. I moved to Italy in part because I had always wanted to live in Europe and partly because my brother died, And I just needed a breathe of fresh air. Since I do have questionable mental health, I definitely think it made some things harder for me in Italy. However, sometimes you have to be a little crazy to pack up and move to a foreign country 😉

      • Alan, thank you! I have a lot of posts coming starting next week. I’m currently writing a book about my time in Italy and it’s just taken every min of my free time. But I’m finished with this round of edits and will be taking a break so I can get back to my beloved blogging 😉

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