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written by M.E. Evans November 27, 2015

I just wrapped up a three hour game of Risk with my husband, younger siblings, my dad and my step mom. We had pie and drank coffee. Earlier today, Francesco and I had lunch with my mom, my step dad, my younger brother, aunts and uncles. There may or may not have been some male camel-toe action, cowboy boots, and my mom may have said, “oh yeah! I’ve been eating vegetables, i ate broccoli last week.” 

Man, are families crazy. 

But I’m so grateful for mine. Despite our collective flaws, quirks,  lifestyles, and varied opinions of Donald Trump (wtf?!), I’m happy to have the family I have and the experiences of gained from them. And their sense of humor. My eleven year old sister today made fun of me, “I hate t.v., it totally distracts from me saving the world. Wait, unless you want to watch a documentary.” Touché kid sister. 

Life is good. 

I’m also grateful for my husband. He drives me insane. I thought about creative ways to choke him to death at least three times today. I screamed, “I’m going to stab you!” At least once. But? He’s perfect. He’s so generous and giving and loyal and wonderful. He sings French songs threateningly at me in the car and it’s weird and adorable. Thank you, universe, for giving me too much vodka and dropping me in a bar in Florence. Disney should make a movie about it. Frozen…the margherita version. 

I hope that all of you had a fun-filled (wine soaked) holiday with your insane family. Also? Detail your funny story in the comments below! 

Tanti Baci. And tanti vino. 

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