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5 Steps To A Non-Conventional Night Out In Florence

written by M.E. Evans May 6, 2014

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So you’re either on vacation, you’re an expat, or you’re a student, you’re maybe new and looking for something to do for a night out. I’m not big on the clubs in Florence because most of them are just creepy and rapey. My husband and I have a sort of spring/summer designated date night every weekend that I love, particularly because it’s something so specific to Florence. It really doesn’t work the same in other countries or cities. So, if you’re looking for something to do besides the usual dinner out, here’s an idea or two (especially helpful if you’re new to the city).

1) Get bikes. Throw something to sit on (large scarf or mini travel blanket) and a bottle of wine in your bag.

2) Hit Sant’Ambrogio for aperitivo (a cocktail and snack) around 6:30. Sit our stand in the little square, have a drink and a light snack.

3) Ride your bike to Giuggiolo. Eat your face off (but not literally, this scenario shouldn’t involve bath salts or other drugs that prompt zombie behavior because ew).

4) Hop on your bike and cruise to giardino della fortezza. Lay under the stars. If you’re with friends chat and watch other people do the same thing. If you’re a couple, make out or go ahead and make a baby! It’s Italy, nobody cares about your PDA! 

5) Drink your bottle of wine. Peddle drunkenly home, or be like me and walk your bike half way, then sit down and whine “this is too hard,” then throw your shoes and wander off to pee somewhere.


1) Ride your bike to Santa Spirito

2) Watch your wallet and purse because shit always gets jacked there.

3) Have aperitivo and dinner in the piazza, or nearby, though there are a few great places right in the square. Eat your face off and drink a bunch.

4) Hang out in the Piazza with all of the other Florentines who are there. Get to know some people.

5) Peddle home awkwardly.

What would you add to this list? What’s another good idea for an alternative date night (something other than dinner out)?


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