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Photo Friday: Guest Post- Jonathon Fasano In Tuscany

written by M.E. Evans January 31, 2014

I met Jonathon Fasano, or”Fatty,” as he introduced himself, in an airport in 2009. We were both on our way to Italy to attend the same art school. I was in the grad program because I’m old and he was barely twenty-one-ish yet we hit it off straight away and remained friends throughout his three month stay in the program. A year later he returned to Florence to live with me for a bit and then returned again a year later for a visit. He’s kind of like an adopted little brother, but I’m not being biased when I say that he’s an amazing, talented artist. He’s brilliant in every medium from sculpture to photography and he’s even an experienced jeweler. I kind of love him (if you can’t tell). And he totally puts up with how weird and mildly embarrassing I am in real life. He currently lives and works on the East coast, USA. These photos are from Florence, Pomerance and Volterra.

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