Photo Friday: Cellole, Campania, Italy

Photo By F. Rossi

Photo By F. Rossi

Photo By F. Rossi

Photo By F. Rossi

My  favorite parts of Italy are the parts that nobody goes to see. I love the old farm country, the tiny cities where there isn’t anything substantial in terms of tourist sites. My husband’s parents grew up in Campania and so we spend a lot of time there cruising around in the country. My husband took this photo in Cellole, Campania, Italy. It has gorgeous landscape and I’ve never seen a tourist there (I’m sure they exist, but they are so few they are undetectable).


3 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Cellole, Campania, Italy

  1. I LIVE in one of those places in a small village of about 1300 people. Can say I am not sorry I decided to not live in a city. Here where friendships are deep and time is not important…life happens deliciously.

    • I love the small cities, too. I spend a lot of time in them. It’s very different but very cute. The only thing I really hate about small towns (even in the US) is the gossip. SO MUCH GOSSIP!

  2. Dear Miss Misty Evans,
    I am a 19 year old US immigrant from the Philippines, who is still struggling with destructive depression brought by nostalgia. I cannot remember how I stumbled upon your page. My plans in life do not involve Italy (well, not yet… not at this point of my life, at least), though I have always been fascinated by Italian culture, or traveling and getting to know different cultures in general.
    I just want to say you are an awesome person. I love everything you say and you will say about anything. You are a breath of fresh air in my odious and lame life.

    You are amazing.

    With love,

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