Living In Italy And The Italian Psyche: See This Fiat Commercial For Example

Made in Italy

Made in Italy (Photo credit: Dr Case)

The first thing that you’ll notice when you move to Italy is that the Italians are proud people. They are well aware of the flattering stereotypes that exist about them in the world. They know that Italian humans are particularly attractive. They know that their teeny, tiny coffee is totally delicious, and that it’s nearly impossible to recreate their food exactly as they do it (or exactly as their mother does it). After living in Italy for a few months you’ll begin to find their ego and ethnocentrism slightly irritating. However, to be fair as a country they are good at design, fashion, luxury, and romance. Then again, nobody likes a show-off. I found this Fiat commercial that (in a humorous way) totally captures the Italian psyche from their assumption that women’s panties drop at a mere glimpse of Italian DNA to their obsession with teeny tiny stuff (like compact cars and mini coffees and boyfriends that could easily fit in your pocket. HOLYFUCKINGSHIT that’s a great idea! I’m going to be rich. And then I shall finally have my capybara Dwayne).


5 thoughts on “Living In Italy And The Italian Psyche: See This Fiat Commercial For Example

  1. It made the news here a few months ago – about the new Fiat with a built-in espresso maker. Only available in Italy, though. Is it true? I want one!!

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