Venice, Italy

If you haven’t been to Venice you should go now. The fall is my favorite time to go. Dress warm. Stay in the little “campground” near the city for ten Euros per day. It’s not REALLY a campground since you get a cabin, bed, and a bathroom with shower all to yourself. But Italians consider this “camping” which I’ll just go ahead and go with.

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Venice, Italy

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2 thoughts on “Venice, Italy

  1. Hi! I’m a huge fan of your blog. I’m from Los Angeles and currently studying in Milan for a year. I’m going to Venice this weekend and would like to know the name of the Campground?

    • Hello! Honey I am so sorry! I just saw this and honestly I can’t remember the name. When we went I just googled it and there are quite a few. I do remember that it had a club, stores, and a few other things. Please let me know how your trip went! I hope you found it!

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