Weekly Throw-Back-2010 Sicily

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I met my husband in 2010 in Florence at a pub called Angies. I asked him out. Things escalated really quickly and in June 2010 he took me on a one week trip in Sicily. The cliff, the 5th picture down was the first unofficial time he asked me to marry him. “Yes, fine, get up.” Was my response. I started my period at some point on the trip and I was super sick. He left me in the hotel room and frantically returned with orange juice, pain killers, and a thermometer (?). He also arranged for us to have dinner in our hotel room with candles and all sorts of cute. Here are a few pics of Sicily which are not at all romantic but are totally us. Also, if you have the opportunity you have to go. It’s beautiful. Also, how majestic was his chest hair? Eh?


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