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Happy Birthday, Mitch.

written by M.E. Evans July 2, 2013
Dakota, ME, Mitch

Dakota, ME, Mitch

When you were little you followed me around in your footy pajamas. You cried when I left, heaving and shrieking like a crazy baby. You were an adorable hot mess with your blonde ringlets and huge eyes like two pools of water. I used to tell you that you were adopted because we look so different and you’d run and cry to mom. I was happy when you grew up and stopped being so gullible.

Remember when we used to hide under mom’s nightgown together on the weekends while she would cook. Her flannel our fort, her legs the beams that you’d cling to for support. When you developed asthma you’d wake up choking, your face like a blueberry, and mom and I together would force your lungs to open with medicated steam and a bottle full of coffee. You grew up to love coffee which was super annoying because you were ALWAYS HYPER. Remember the time you thought it was a genius idea to lick the ice on the back of the fridge? You were stuck there for thirty minutes and when mom finally got your tongue unstuck you didn’t have tastebuds for weeks. I remember Daycare and kicking the manager because I heard you crying on the other side but they wouldn’t let me check on you. “We’ll take care of him, you’re just a kid, you stay here.” And BAM! GIVE ME MY BROTHER!

Then I became a teenager and turned into a huge asshole and we drifted apart. I was mean and thought you were uncool because you were five years younger than me. Teenagers are so stupid. Then you turned into a teenager and you were an asshole. The age difference really created a long time of us being jerks. Though, I have to say that deep down you were always a good person but too sensitive and too fragile to do well with others. I wish you had a tougher skin or that the world wasn’t so cruel.

We all think about you every day and loved you so much though I’m not sure anyone in our family is good at showing it. I miss you and water fights, and playing air guitar in the living room to “Livin’ In America” by The Sounds, and playing video games with you.

If I’m wrong and there is life after death, I hope this birthday is the best one yet. Love you.

-Your big sister

For you.

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