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One Of The Saddest Days Of My Life

written by M.E. Evans June 11, 2013

This isn’t funny at all and I’m sorry for posting something heavy in the middle of the work week. So, if you’re already feeling down you should skip around and read something else that you’ve missed this week or google “shark attacks.” That keeps me entertained for hours on end.

If you read my other blog, dirtyfilthythings, you might already know that one of my younger brothers died a few years ago. He’d naively mixed prescribed valium with beer, went to sleep, and never woke up. It was by far one of the worst days of our lives and something that I think about every.single.day. It’s sad to lose anyone but I never really felt so much emptiness or despair as when I lost him. We were never as close as we should have been and there is always some guilt attached to the loss because of that. Anyways, I’m editing a story I wrote about him, and was just reminded that his birthday is coming in two weeks on July 2. I’m thinking about him and what my family and I have learned from the tragic experience. He was so young and he would be turning twenty-six this year. I’ve learned that everyone dies “unexpectedly.” Love the ones you love with that in mind.

Have you lost someone close to you? Did you learn anything from the experience?

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