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This Nomination Is Just The Beginning Of World Domination. P.S. Thank You

written by M.E. Evans April 12, 2013

Since I have no real life and I basically spend all day stalking the internet it didn’t take long before I came across a new comment on my blog saying that I had been nominated for a The Versatile Blogger Award. Sounds fancy, right? It is fancy, my friends. I was nominated by a wonderful woman whose blog, the World Wife Traveler is full of all things expat, it’s warm, funny, and I totally relate. I love reading expat blogs because it tells you everything you really want to know about living somewhere. It’s also the best source for travel. Really.

Look At Her, Isn’t She Pretty?



The Versatile Blogger Rules

  • Add The Versatile Blogger award photo on a blog post
  • Thank the person (or animal) who presented you with the award and link back to him or her in your post
  • Share seven things about yourself
  • Pass the award along to 15 favorite bloggers. Contact the chosen bloggers to let them know about the award.


Seven Things About Me:

  1. My mother worked as a stripper when I was a baby. 
  2. I was born and raised in Utah.
  3. I am not Mormon. Thanks for asking.
  4. My father is Iranian. I blame him for my inclination to marry a foreign person. F-U Freud. I am drawn to accents and excessive body hair, apparently.
  5. My favorite movie as a kid was The Last Unicorn. When you watch it all grown up you realize that it’s kind of creepy and deranged.
  6. Once as a kid I was allowed to sleep over at a friends house. We went to rent movies and I told my friend (a mormon girl), we should watch, “The Hooker From H-E-L-L.” I was later returned to my parents. My mother didn’t believe in censoring films. For my third grade birthday sleepover she also let me rent, The Nightmare On Elmstreet. My friends were banned from talking with me after that.
  7. I live in Italy but I don’t really like pasta. Mostly because I’m kind of diabetic and it makes me feel like death after I eat it. My husband believes that pasta is a health food. It’s adorable.

And My Nominees For The Versatile Blogger Award:

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