The Florence Newspaper

Coffee and Culture. My recent article in The Florence Newspaper.

Coffee and Culture. My recent article in The Florence Newspaper.


3 thoughts on “The Florence Newspaper

  1. Oh my gosh, I love love loved your article! I feel exactly the same and am going through the same thing. I’ve only lived here for a little over a year, but I can not quite adjust to throwing it back either 🙂 I bring coffee to work often in my Starbucks container and everyone thinks that’s quite interesting. I also often have a cappuccino with my Italian husband who prefers to drink espresso, and then I feel odd sitting there for like 5 minutes trying to hurry and finish my drink. However, when we go to the States he will usually have coffee “dessert” drinks like Mocha twisted whatever, or carmel something in the afternoon. But the last trip we had I was totally surpised that he drank American coffee every single morning with me! It was definitely a connecting moment lol…he gets it! Anyway, I’ve been contemplating opening up an American style coffee shop here just for those reasons-to enjoy something and have a place to relax.

  2. Hi!
    I’m Masha owner of the origianl American bakery, Sugar and Spice bakery in Florence,Italy.We have 2 locations here. if you feel nostalgic we serve American coffee along with other classic goodies from bagels,cupcakes, brownies,carrot cake ,cheesecake etc.
    We’ve been opened since 1993.we also specialize in bespoke wedding cakes . Check us out at and also visit our fb page. better yet come to Borgo la Croce 15/ or our take -out in Via dei Servi 43/r. I’m usually in the city on Wednsdays.
    By the way it’s a looong time I’m here–still can’t get used to a lot of things. That’s just how it is!

    Take care,

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