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Not Right Now, But Soon

written by M.E. Evans January 5, 2013

I’ve been meaning to update my blog but Christmas has been a little hectic. I do want you all to know that Christmas was good. I received an awesome pair of boots from my husband, a bottle of shampoo from his grandmother, an apron from his mother, and a pan from his sister. Clearly they are ganging up on me with an agenda this year. Can anyone guess what it is?

My best friend and her girlfriend came to visit me for Christmas. That’s a pretty good Christmas present.

Also, I’ve had three, four hour meals this week. It’s like these people are in competition with the rest of the world (I don’t think they’re winning anything but a stomach-ache or fatigue). I’m second guessing my decision to give up on bulemia. Sure, it was a good idea to stop in college but at this point I’m putting things in my body that I can’t even pronounce so it might be better if I don’t let it digest.

Anyhow, something is coming soon! Until Monday:



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