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America, Stop Embarrassing M.E.

written by M.E. Evans December 18, 2012

Guns are not the problem, nor are they the solution. Fucked up men are the problem (Yes, and here comes the men screaming, “sexism, sexism” but the fact is that the shootings have been carried out by 99.9% men. That’s a fact…sorry dudes).”

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Amirh December 19, 2012 at 5:23 pm

M. Elizabeth, thanks for stopping by my blog and liking the post on dogs and the people of Newtown. I love your header photo. You’re right…the majority of shootings/killings have been perpetrated by men. What does this say about humanity, since they are nearly half in numbers? Just thinking out loud. When I used to travel, Rome was one of my favorites. Good luck in Italy. I’ll revisit your blog from time to time.

M.Elizabeth Evans December 19, 2012 at 6:43 pm

Thank you Amirh. Honestly, I don’t know anything, but just comparing much of Europe with the United States, it seems possible that the issues stem from the lack of a solid family unit, combined with men being raised in a way that is simply not natural. I love men, this isn’t an assault on them, but in having a husband, three brothers, and a father, I can safely say that men tend to be more sensitive than women. Unfortunately we raise them to be numb, aggressive, macho, while teaching them that they are entitled to certain things. I could be completely wrong, but in my opinion we’re out of balance. Too much testosterone, and not enough love. I mean, 50% of our men turn out great, the other 50% seem like shit-throwing chimpanzees…

manic4america December 19, 2012 at 7:12 pm

First, thanks for commenting on my page. I never really viewed the problem as an issue for a lack of love, but I think you’re 100% correct with everything you’ve said here. Society’s idea of a “man” takes away from social progress in so many ways.

Anyways, I love your blog. It’s fucking hysterical. Make sure your husband knows he’s lucky to have someone with wit and intelligence– women like that are EXTREMELY hard to find back here.


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