Dog Sitting Services

Florence pet sitting was founded by Maryanne Day upon her arrival in Italy, 2008. As a certified veterinary technician she is able to give the best quality care to your pet, just as you would if you were home. Maryanne has over ten years of experience working with all types of animals. As a former employee of a private veterinary practice as well as the Centers for Disease Control, she has the unique background of being able to provide loving care with a technical background to recognize any special needs that your pet may have.”

Francesco and I use Maryanne for Oliver and everyone knows that we’re completely obsessed with Oliver. She’s a great sitter and a really cool girl. She’s American but she also speaks Italian. The only downside is that she’s really busy (which attests to how good she is) and we’re horrible planners. I recommend booking with her as soon as you know that you’ll need a sitter. ESPECIALLY during the holidays. The best thing about her is that she knows how stressful it is to leave your pet with someone. She sends emails and texts the entire time we’re gone so we can see Oliver playing, sleeping, eating, lounging, walking, and we know that he’s okay. It’s an excellent service. Contact Maryanne at:

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