A Glimpse Of The Real Florence, Italy. By Kari Varner

I’m really excited to feature photos from this amazing photographer Kari Varner. Kari is also a former SACI student and she’s incredibly talented (Unlike me. My photos look like a child took them after over-dosing on baby Benadryl). I love her style of photography, it’s super intimate and I feel like I’m standing right there with her. But not so much in a stalker sort of way. This series really captures the feel of Florence. I know you guys are going to love them as much as I do. Tell me which one is your favorite in the comments below (I especially like the dead pigeon since I’ve stepped over many of them on the streets of Florence and I have a weird love/hate relationship with bird corpses because of it. But not like a serial killer.).

REFLECTIVE PUDDLES (or, where I fell down)


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Photo Friday: Wedding Photos Can Save Lives/Do You Need A Wedding Photographer In Italy That Speaks English?

I had a pretty solid idea of what I wanted in a wedding photographer when F and I tied the knot in Cassino, Italy, last year. I didn’t want those “I’m so in love on the beach even though my wedding took place in a garden” photos. I wanted something journalistic, a style that would capture what really happened so later on when I’m old and senile I can look at my wedding and see it happen. Or, on days where I fantasize about repeatedly stabbing my husband I can look at the photos and think, “I was super drunk right there, we’re in love, and it is awesome.” Wedding pictures save lives, people. Anyhow, I couldn’t find that style in an Italian photographer so I imported my own English speaking wedding photographer from ‘Merrrcaaa. Our wedding photographer, Alixann Loosle, loved Italy so much that she recently contacted me to ask if I know anyone who would be interested in an American photographer in Italy this year. She is offering a HUGE discount. If you know someone who is getting hitched this year, this is probably their lady, she’s amazing and super nice. Here’s what Alix had to say about Italy and her wedding package:

“Although I travel often to photograph weddings, no destination stands out to me more than Italy. Roaming the streets of Florence, catching trains to little century-old cities, and photographing the warm sunlight-light that seems to hit everything perfectly in Italy are my fondest memories of any trip I’ve taken. Because of this, I have decided to offer a massive discount on a wedding package that includes travel, if the wedding takes place in Italy this year. Please give me the chance to go back to Italy and photograph your wedding.”

Contact Alix if you’re interested. Seriously, this price is SO LOW it’s kind of making me cry right now.

Wedding Photographer Italy



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Photo Friday: Guest Post- Jonathon Fasano In Tuscany

I met Jonathon Fasano, or”Fatty,” as he introduced himself, in an airport in 2009. We were both on our way to Italy to attend the same art school. I was in the grad program because I’m old and he was barely twenty-one-ish yet we hit it off straight away and remained friends throughout his three month stay in the program. A year later he returned to Florence to live with me for a bit and then returned again a year later for a visit. He’s kind of like an adopted little brother, but I’m not being biased when I say that he’s an amazing, talented artist. He’s brilliant in every medium from sculpture to photography and he’s even an experienced jeweler. I kind of love him (if you can’t tell). And he totally puts up with how weird and mildly embarrassing I am in real life. He currently lives and works on the East coast, USA. These photos are from Florence, Pomerance and Volterra.

Florence, Italy Tuscany, Italy Poodles In Italy Leather Market Florence Tuscany Tuscany Toscana Toscana Tuscany Italian Lunch Tuscany Tuscany Italy Laundry Italy

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Photo Friday: Cellole, Campania, Italy

Photo By F. Rossi

Photo By F. Rossi

Photo By F. Rossi

Photo By F. Rossi

My  favorite parts of Italy are the parts that nobody goes to see. I love the old farm country, the tiny cities where there isn’t anything substantial in terms of tourist sites. My husband’s parents grew up in Campania and so we spend a lot of time there cruising around in the country. My husband took this photo in Cellole, Campania, Italy. It has gorgeous landscape and I’ve never seen a tourist there (I’m sure they exist, but they are so few they are undetectable).