The Beautiful People Of Italy At A Glance: Summer Italian Style

Italy is beautiful, there’s no denying it, but it’s not just the country that’s pretty. Sure, it’s full of amazing architecture, rolling green hills, and lovely blue skies. The really beautiful things in Italy, though, are the people.  Seriously, it’s totally unfair to the rest of the world. Even the old people are adorable and stylish and I just want to frame them all over my house or lock them in a glass case to just look at them. Seriously, LOOK AT THEM. With that olive skin, the stylish clothes, and the booming confidence, it’s impossible not to stare.

I took these photos throughout Italy from Cellole to Florence. It doesn’t hurt that the backdrops only highlight how goddamn cute the people are with their stupid pretty skin and irritatingly badass hair. I love the summer clothes too, loose fabrics, bold colors, tribal patterns, and low cut v-necks with jeans or slacks despite the 100 degree heat. That is some serious dedication.

Probably the most irritating thing about Italians is that they know how damn cute they are (why wouldn’t they?). The emphasis on beauty and aesthetics is one if the reasons that so much care goes into the way the individuals look, the way the country looks. For this reason, Italy will always be one of my favorite places for fashion and style.



















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Italian Street Style From Milan Fashion Week To Florence Pitti 86

Street Style In Milan And Pitti 86 In Florence

One of the most commonly searched things on my site is, “what should I wear in Italy.” It’s normal, it’s one of the fashion capitals of the world and people are nervous about showing up and being the “odd one out.” I travel a lot, it can be awkward to be the obvious foreigner. Especially in Italy where they really care about style and even the most bummy outfits are seemingly intentional. Italian style is different from the rest of the world mostly because of the cuts, colors, and the strange complex/simplicity of the designs. Everything is elegant and relaxed. Hair and makeup are very natural, even unkept, with the exception of the occasional clown. Women’s designs are often both constructed and flowing, and men tend to dress as well or much better than the women (a huge difference from the US where most men seem homeless, coming from the gym, or for some reason seem like their waiting for a basketball tournament). Every region has a different style, Milan is more glam and chic, Florence is more rock and roll and bohemian, and Naples is kind of a mix of elegant and Jersey Shore. Here are some pictures I found from Milan and Florence this year. I found some awesome fashion blogs with some great stuff that I thought you guys would enjoy. I normally do all of my own photos, but I couldn’t pass up some rad content that I knew some of you would be into. Go check them out! If you want to see more, click on the images sources below, and go to their sites. These blogs/mags have great content for fashion (I’m obviously not a fashion blogger). Note, these photos were taken during fashion events. Humans amp up their fashion during these sorts of things, obviously, but you’ll still see people dressed relatively well  around Milan and in Florence during the evening.

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What To Wear In Italy In The Summer

Every year I get a lot of questions from readers who are taking a trip to Italy about what they should wear. In the summer, it can be a lot more difficult for Americans to blend in. We are, often, a people of comfort. Half of the US stopped putting on real clothes a long time ago, wearing only yoga pants or gym shorts with flip flops. There’s nothing wrong with comfort, but if you’re looking to fit in, you certainly won’t do it with that outfit.


1) Never wear flip flops unless you’re at the beach or near water (a pool, for example).

2) Booty shorts and a spaghetti strap tank top is not considered an outfit unless you are a prostitute. You can wear booty shorts with a real shirt, or, a spaghetti strap with pants. If you’re entire outfit is skin tight and tiny you’ll stand out as a foreign human, and possibly a hooker.

3) Guys, I say this always, but please, burn the damn gigantic pants and the basketball shorts. Burn them. KILL IT WITH FIRE! It’s just not sexy. You’d be surprised to know that women actually like to see your ass a little, seriously, so stop hiding it (having it pop out of the top of your size 400 pants doesn’t count).

4) Ladies, match your bag with your shoes.

5) Everyone, get some cute sunglasses. Get a light scarf to accessorize.

6) Throw your Nike “comfy” shoes in the garbage. If you need comfort, get a show that also looks good with clothes.

7) Ladies, you’ll be surprised to find that “summer boots” are in. Wearing short shorts, or skirts, with light colored slouchy boots. They are less hot than you’d think and they look pretty cute.

8) In Milan they do bright colors but for the most part you never see women walking down the street in a bright pink dress. Think neutrals, white, or navy blue. Guys, let your freak flag fly! For some reason the guys dress more vibrantly. However, you can stick with neutrals as well.

9) Guys, you’ll be excited to discover that converse are a stylish “all ages” shoe. Get a pair of white ones for the summer and you’ll fit right in. No, it doesn’t matter if you’re 50.

10) Guys, think, light slacks (that fit you) and a v-neck t-shirt from American apparel. Super cute.

11) Ladies, think flowy dresses, shirt dresses, booty shorts, slouchy boots, big sunglasses, linen blouses, or v-neck t’s. Of course, there is also House Of Ossimori. Wink, Wink.

12) Guys and Girls: Your daytime clothes and your nighttime clothes are different! Change before dinner. Ladies, put on some heels, guys, put on some loafers. Feel free to wear black. Black at night is always in (and you won’t see a lot of little shorts for dinner time ladies, put on a dress or slacks!).

Below are some fun summer pictures of my friends and I running around. I wanted to show basic/casual style so it’s not super fashionista or dolled up. What am I missing? What would you guys add to this list? Put it in the comments below!

Italy What To Wear

These loose one piece things are a thing in black and neutral. Although, its usually older women but Im old on the inside. And my apostrophe isnt working…sonofabitch!

What to wear in Italy summer

A nightclub in the south.

what to wear in italy

Showing some color

What to wear in italy

My husband in his typical summer outfit. His friends tell him that he dresses like a gay boy. I will take that as a compliment, thankyouverymuch!

what to wear in italy

This is in May so it was still chilly. These are casual day clothes.

what to wear in italy

Another woman working it.

Another Italian woman working it. (She’s the only Italian in this picture, everyone else is a tourist).

It is July. Notice the scarf.

It is July. Notice the scarf.

My 60 year old MIL. She still dresses really cute. Age isnt an excuse to strap on the Nike runners and large pants.

My 60 year old MIL. She still dresses really cute. Age isnt an excuse to strap on the Nike runners and large pants. Notice her bag is white and navy to match the dress, she’s also wearing white and navy shoes. Ladies over 50, Italy is your time to shine! Squeeze into something sexy and show off the goods. 😉


NEED More Inspiration? Check Out My Pinterest Page! It’s loaded with Italian and European style pictures. You can’t go wrong with anything there, for any time of the year. Below is a sneak peak of some of the great things you’ll find there. I hope it’s useful!



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Street Style In Florence In October: Stalking People And A Day Out Embarrassing My Husband

I spent the day out with my husband stalking people in the center of Florence. My husband finds it highly inappropriate to take pictures of people I don’t know and he followed me around whispering, “stop DOING THAT!”. He needs to loosen up a little bit OR I need to have a different attitude about documenting other people’s lives. Anyways, I took a variety of different people all rocking their personal style for fall in Florence, Italy. You’ll notice the men in Italy are dressed very well with perfectly coordinated outfits. The women are similar and most of them were sporting the standard black boot that is ever-popular in Italy every fall/winter. This is an excellent Italian style guide for traveling to Italy because magazines are usually more focused on Milan style and what celebrities wear. This is how real people dress in Firenze. I threw in a few pictures of the city too because it was a beautiful day and because sometimes when people would stare at me for stalking them I had to take a picture of a building or something to look “normal.”


Visiting, Moving, or Living In Italy? What Can I Do?

Are you coming to Italy? Want to visit or live here? Trouble with your visa? Are you already living here and there is something you just can’t figure out? Is your new Italian boyfriend sending mixed signals? Want to know where you can get the best local food? Best shopping? A recipe for something? If there is something you’d like to know? Do you want to contribute and be a guest blogger? Do you have restaurants, clubs or things to suggest? I’m always looking for interesting articles to write and obviously the point of this blog is to make all of you happy. What can I do to make it better?